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Disney Castle

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Welcome to Disney Castle!
Disney Castle logo KHII.png

Disney Castle is the Kingdom Hearts Database's Community Portal. Select an area to begin!

Visit the Courtyard and meet the community! Check out our activities and get to know everyone on the Database!
Gummi Ship Hangar
Visit the Gummi Hangar to lift off into the universe! Start here to check out our Kingdom Hearts Database!
Visit the Library to find all our projects, make information requests, and get involved in expanding the Database!
Hall of the Cornerstone
Visit the Hall of the Cornerstone if you need help! Find all our help guides and rules, meet the staff, and request help!
Bulletin Board

See all the big things that are happening on the Kingdom Hearts Database right here!

The King's Council is the Database's monthly staff meeting. Everyone is invited to attend! Find more information about the Council here!
WRITE WITH US: We're looking for people who are willing to join us in our journey to document the Kingdom Hearts series! If you like to write and love the Kingdom Hearts series, sign up and join the crew!
IT'S NEWSWORTHY: Join our news team! If you've ever wanted to report on the Kingdom Hearts series, sign up and talk to KeybladeSpyMaster.