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Kingdom Hearts (series)

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The Kingdom Hearts series is a series of video games developed and published by Square Enix, featuring various properties licensed by Disney. It tells the story of the Keyblade and the struggles between light and darkness.

The series launched with the release of Kingdom Hearts on March 28, 2002 in Japan, and has since expanded across various video game platforms, mobile games, manga and novel adaptations, music albums, and licensed merchandise. Currently, the Kingdom Hearts series consists of twelve major titles, spanning across eleven consoles, the Internet, and mobile platforms.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts χ: The Age of Fairy Tales[edit | edit source]

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Long ago, the world was filled with light. A Keyblade master known as the Master of Masters bestowed upon five of his six disciples a copy of the Book of Prophecies, a book that speaks of events to come, and they become the Foretellers, tasked with gathering Keyblade wielders to collect the light. Unto the sixth disciple, Luxu, the Master bestows a black box and his Keyblade, No Name. Then, he disappears, and shortly thereafter, so does Luxu.

The Foretellers go on to organize groups of Keyblade wielders known as Unions. Soon, however, distrust among the Foretellers turns to distrust among their Unions. In the midst of this, a young Keyblade wielder named Ephemer begins to question the structure of the World, and begins to investigate along with another Keyblade wielder the secrets of the World and the Foretellers. Eventually, the distrust among the Unions leads to a war for the light, which would become known as the Keyblade War. The war, waged for control over the light, caused the source of all light, Kingdom Hearts to disappear, and its counterpart, the χ-blade, was shattered into twenty pieces: seven pieces of light, thirteen of darkness. Darkness then covered the land, and the place where the battle was held became known as the Keyblade Graveyard.

However, the light continued to exist in the hearts of children, Keyblade wielders chosen before the Keyblade War by Ava, one of the Foretellers, to escape from the world to avoid the war. They would go on to rebuild the World.

The Rise of Xehanort[edit | edit source]

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Hundreds of years later, a young man named Xehanort sought to know the world beyond his own. Guided by influences from the future, Xehanort left his home in Destiny Islands and was taken in by a Keyblade master who taught him about the Keyblade. There, in Scala ad Caelum, Xehanort meets Eraqus, another fellow apprentice of the same Keyblade master, and they become friends. Early on, Xehanort decided that rather than fearing darkness, he should seek to control both darkness and light in equal balance. And so, despite warnings from his master, he actively sought to be in the darkness.

Eventually, both Eraqus and Xehanort were named Keyblade masters.

While Eraqus went on to train new Keyblade wielders, Xehanort chooses to learn more about the Keyblade and the origins of the world. This leads him to learn about both Kingdom Hearts and the χ-blade. Deciding that light and darkness needed to be equal, Xehanort decides to create the χ-blade and summon Kingdom Hearts so that he can recreate the world around darkness.[1] He takes a young boy named Ventus as an apprentice, initially to be a vessel, then later as the light he would use to forge the χ-blade and create Kingdom Hearts, with the darkness being Vanitas, a being created from the darkness in Ventus's heart. He fosters Vanitas's dark power, which creates the beings of negative emotion known as the Unversed, while leaving Ventus in the care of his old friend Eraqus and his two apprentices, Terra and Aqua. Several years later, Xehanort manipulates Terra into relying on the darkness, preparing him to be his next vessel to replace his aging body. Along the way, he meets Braig, an apprentice to a sage and researcher named Ansem the Wise, and Braig helps him further manipulate Terra. Xehanort also remembers the legend of how the χ-blade was destroyed into twenty pieces, and manipulates Maleficent, an evil fairy in Enchanted Dominion, to gather seven maidens with hearts of pure light, known as the Princesses of Heart. Meanwhile, both Terra and Aqua arrive in Destiny Islands and meet two young boys. Terra chooses to pass on his Keyblade to the older one, a five-year-old named Riku, while Aqua makes a four-year-old Sora promise to always protect Riku. She also inadvertantly passes her Keyblade on to a four-year-old girl named Kairi she rescues in another world, Radiant Garden. In the end, Xehanort has Ventus and Vanitas clash, becoming one being and forging the χ-blade, and casts his heart into Terra, allowing Xehanort to take control of his body to witness what lay beyond the Keyblade War. The χ-blade forged, Xehanort attempts to summon Kingdom Hearts. However, his plan is foiled when Aqua, accompanied by another Keyblade wielder, King Mickey Mouse, join together to save Ventus and Terra. This allows Ventus to fight off Vanitas within his heart, though causing his heart to sleep. Aqua then fights a Xehanort-controlled Terra, and although she defeats him, in order to save Terra from the darkness consuming him, Aqua is left behind in the Realm of Darkness. Terra, still controlled by Xehanort's heart within, is found by Braig and taken to Ansem the Wise; however, he remembers nothing but the name Xehanort.

Now in Terra's body, Xehanort joins Braig as an apprentice to Ansem the Wise. There, Xehanort is studied for his lack of memories, Ansem hoping to find a way to recover them. Over the next year, Xehanort does recover them, and experiments on other people's hearts, creating manufactured beings of darkness, the Heartless. When Ansem the Wise finds this out, he demands that the experiments be stopped, but Xehanort and the other apprentices betray him and exile him, casting Ansem into the Realm of Darkness. Now having recovered his memories as Master Xehanort, the apprentices uses the Keyblade to release his heart and the hearts of his fellow apprentices, creating their Heartless, and allowing their bodies to becoming Nobodies. Xehanort's Heartless continued the experiments, taking on the name of Ansem, while Xehanort's Nobody, along with the Nobodies of the other apprentices, created Organization XIII, a group of thirteen powerful Nobodies.

The Keyblade's Chosen One[edit | edit source]

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Knowing that his plan could be thwarted by one with the Keyblade, Ansem casts out a young girl who he suspects to be one of the Princesses of Heart, hoping she will be led to the one who will wield the Keyblade. That girl, Kairi, ends up on Destiny Islands, where Sora and Riku befriend her. The three become close friends, hanging out all the time on their play island.

Nine years later, fifteen-year-old Riku and fourteen-year-old Sora and Kairi decide to build a raft, curious about the world Kairi came from and what lay beyond the seas surrounding their home. Ansem, now reduced to a heart and a robe, arrives on the island to witness Sora and his friends the day before they're set to sail. That night, their home is attacked by the Heartless, separating the three and scattering them across the worlds. In the midst of the attack, Sora suddenly gains the power of the mysterious and powerful Keyblade. However, Destiny Islands is destroyed.

Sora awakens in a world named Traverse Town, alone, and while looking for his friends, meets the swordsman Leon and his group, Yuffie, Aerith, and Cid, who explain that the Keyblade chooses its master, and has chosen him. They also explain about the Heartless and Ansem, the leader of their world before the Heartless arrived. Sora later meets Donald and Goofy, and magician and a knight in search of King Mickey, who has mysteriously and suddenly disappeared. The three join together to fight the Heartless and search for their friends. Along the way, they learn of Maleficent, the evil fairy who has formed a group with other wicked denizens of various worlds, seeking to gather the Princesses of Heart and open the door to Kingdom Hearts. Doing so will grant her the power to rule all worlds. She recruits Riku, who awakens at the foot of her fortress, manipulating him to accept the power of darkness in order to find Kairi and convincing him that Sora has abandoned both of them. Throughout Sora's journey, as a result, he regularly clashes with Riku's decisions.

Sora eventually arrives in Maleficent's fortress, Hollow Bastion, where she has already gathered all seven princesses, including Kairi. Though Sora briefly loses the Keyblade's power to Riku because he had inherited the weapon from Terra, Sora regains it because of his strong heart. Riku finds himself succumbing to the influence of Ansem, who promises to help him gain more strength. Sora is able to defeat Maleficent and later is able to defeat Riku, now going by Ansem, the seeker of darkness. Sora learns that Kairi's heart, missing since the attack on Destiny Islands, was within his own, and he sacrifices himself to free her heart. In the process, Sora becomes a Heartless, and the door to Kingdom Hearts is completed. However, Kairi's light later is able to bring him back, and along with Donald and Goofy, they escape Hollow Bastion. After regrouping in Traverse Town, Sora decides to return to Hollow Bastion to rescue Riku. Kairi gives him her good luck charm, and he journeys with Donald and Goofy after Ansem.

Meanwhile, Aqua has been journeying through the Realm of Darkness, chasing after illusions of her friends. She finds Terra, only to find he' s now controlled by Xehanort. She also finds King Mickey, who has snuck into the dark realm, looking for a Keyblade of darkness. They team up to find it, hoping to later catch up to Sora and Riku to seal the door to darkness.

They find Ansem at the End of the World. There, he claims that all worlds belong to the darkness and attempts to open Kingdom Hearts within the dark realm. However, Sora triumphantly declares that Kingdom Hearts is light, and the light behind the door defeats Ansem. Sora, Donald, and Goofy hurriedly try to close the door to the Realm of Darkness, and find King Mickey and Riku on the other side. Aqua, however, is trapped back in the dark realm she had just escaped from, as she attempts to stop a Demon Tide from attacking Riku at the door to darkness. Together, the five close the door, with Sora and Mickey sealing it from either side of the door. Leaving Kairi behind on Destiny Islands, Sora begins his journey with Donald and Goofy to bring Riku and King Mickey home.

358 Days: Rise of the Organization[edit | edit source]

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Sora's journey takes him briefly to a mysterious fortress named Castle Oblivion. There, he runs into Organization XIII for the first time. However, Marluxia, the Organization's number XI, wants to use Sora in order to take control of the Organization. He uses Naminé, a Nobody created when Sora released Kairi's heart from his body and who has powers over Sora's memories and those around him, to alter Sora's memories, removing Kairi and replacing her with Naminé herself. However, even after learning the truth, Sora insists on saving Naminé, and in the end, Marluxia and the other members of the Organization are defeated. Sora decides to go to sleep so that Naminé can restore his memories.

At the same time, Riku also awakens in Castle Oblivion, and races to the top when he learns Sora is there. Along the way, Riku faces a replica of himself created by the Organization's number IV, Vexen. This Riku Replica, designed to awaken Riku's darkness, is eventually defeated, as well. In the end, Riku faces the darkness in his heart, appearing to him as Ansem, the same being that had exploited his heart and body before. With the help of King Mickey, he's able to defeat the dark apparition. They then go on to investigate the Organization's plan.

Organization XIII, made up of thirteen powerful Nobodies, seeks to create Kingdom Hearts from the hearts of people, captured by the Heartless and released at their defeat by the Keyblade. In order to do this, the Organization recruits Roxas, Sora's Nobody created when Sora released his own heart from his body and a wielder of the Keyblade, as their thirteenth member. They also create another replica, Xion, to duplicate Roxas's powers by siphoning Sora's memories within Roxas, should Roxas fail the Organization. Both Roxas and Xion become friends, along with the Organization's number VIII, Axel. However, their friendship is strained by the Organization's plan, as their leader, Xemnas, decides they only need one of them. Realizing that the Organization wants them to fight each other, Xion leaves the Organization and finds Naminé. There, she learns the only way to defeat the Organization is if she returns the memories she's taken to Sora and ceases to exist. Although she's recaptured by the Organization and reprogrammed to fight Roxas, Roxas defeats her, and she returns to Sora. Roxas than attempts to bring her back by releasing Kingdom Hearts, but is defeated and captured by Riku. Roxas is then placed in a simulated version of Twilight Town, once again without any memory, while Sora's memories within Roxas are taken and chained back together. Though the Organization attempts to recover Roxas, sending Axel to destroy him if Roxas does not return, Roxas ultimately returns to Sora, allowing Sora to awaken.

The Second Journey[edit | edit source]

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Sora, Donald, and Goofy awaken in Twilight Town, about a year after they first arrived in Castle Oblivion, but no longer remembering those events or how they fell asleep in the first place. However, they soon learn about Organization XIII and the Nobodies, while also running into Maleficent, who has somehow returned and has recruited a new bully named Pete. Sora, Donald, and Goofy journey through various worlds, regularly running into the Organization and Maleficent and defeating them. They return to Twilight Town and hear that Kairi has arrived, only to learn Axel has kidnapped her.

When they return to Hollow Bastion to help defend the town from an impending invasion of Heartless, they learn from King Mickey that the man they had defeated the year before is actually an impostor, having taken the name of Ansem the Wise when he was in fact the Heartless of Ansem's apprentice, Xehanort. Additionally, they learn that Xehanort's Nobody, Xemnas, is the leader of the Organization, and that the Organization plans to create Kingdom Hearts by gathering the hearts captured by the Heartless. The hearts are freed when the Heartless are defeated by the Keyblade; thus, as Sora continues to defeat the Heartless, he's actually helping further the Organization's plans. All the while, Sora finds few leads on Riku's whereabouts or well-being.

After re-visiting various worlds, Sora, Donald, and Goofy return to Twilight Town on a clue received in Hollow Bastion: a picture of Roxas, Hayner, Pence, and Olette. The picture leads them to the old mansion, where they're reunited with King Mickey and find a way into the simulated version of Twilight Town, where Roxas had been placed prior to Sora's waking. True to the King's hunch, they find a way into the Organization's world. Before they're able to go there, however, they are surrounded by various Nobodies. Axel arrives, having long ago betrayed the Organization, and helps Sora escape by sacrificing himself; before disappearing, he explains that he hoped to find Roxas by kidnapping Kairi, and opens the path to The World That Never Was.

Once in the Organization's world, Sora, Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey make their way to the Organizaton's castle. Meanwhile, Naminé helps Kairi escape from the castle dungeon, which causes a path to be opened from the town surrounding the castle to the castle itself. While Kairi and Naminé try to escape, they are soon caught by Saïx, but escape when he is attacked by a hooded being, who Naminé identifies as Riku. When Kairi removes his hood, however, she unveils the face of Ansem, the seeker of darkness. Sora soon arrives half-way up the castle, where the Organization, Maleficent and Pete, and Kairi and Riku all gather. Sora is able to fight the Organization's number II, Xigbar, off, and quickly makes his way up to Kairi, who had been overpowered by the Heartless.

Meanwhile, King Mickey rescues DiZ, the red-hooded man that had helped Riku in Castle Oblivion and had hid Sora while Naminé restored his memories. DiZ removes the bandages covering his face and reveals himself as none other than Ansem the Wise, explaining that he had intended to use Sora to exact his revenge on Xehanort, the apprentice that had banished him, but was unable to once Sora actually awoke and acted on his heart. While Ansem and King Mickey attempt to digitize Kingdom Hearts, Sora reunites with Kairi and Riku, and together they keep going. Sora goes on to defeat Saïx and Luxord, and they catch up to Mickey and Ansem just as Ansem is seemingly killed by his encoder. The blast, however, restores Riku's true appearance. Sora, Donald, Goofy, and the others eventually arrive at the top of the castle, where they face off with Xemnas. Though he attempts to use Kingdom Hearts to fight back, Sora and the others are able to defeat him. Afterwards, Kairi and Sora meet Naminé and Roxas, and the latter two finally return to be whole with their original selves. Although King Mickey, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy are able to use a portal Naminé had summoned to return home, Sora and Riku are stopped and have to face Xemnas once more. They then find themselves in the Realm of Darkness. Though initially resigning to their fate in the dark realm, a letter from Kairi triggers a door to the light to appear, allowing Sora and Riku to return home to Destiny Islands.

Re:coded: Signs of What's Next[edit | edit source]

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After returning to Disney Castle, Jiminy Cricket reviews his journals documenting Sora's journey, only to find a mysterious message within one of them, a message he didn't write. He reports to King Mickey, who has the journal digitized, hoping to uncover the source of the message. Although they initially recover many worlds that had been documented in the now-largely-blank journal, they also find that journal to be filled with bugs. In order to uncover the mystery of the message, King Mickey reaches out to the version of Sora already in the journal to help deal with the bugs. This Data-Sora ventures through various worlds from Sora's first journey, but soon runs into King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. The journal itself then appears, taking on the appearance of Riku, and explains that he has brought them all to help uncover the source of the message. They also learn that Pete had snuck into Disney Castle, and he and Maleficent had been brought inside the journal as well. Though Maleficent attempts to take over the worlds within the journal, hoping it would help her conquer the real worlds, Data-Sora and King Mickey are able to stop both her and Pete.

King Mickey then returns to the journal when Data-Riku reports a new world within, and with Data-Sora, uncovers that the message had been written by Naminé. There, a data-version of Naminé explains that the message was written to reveal the fates of people Naminé had found within Sora's memories when he was asleep, that were suffering from past fates, namely, Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Roxas, Naminé, Xion, and Axel. This prompts Mickey to write to Sora, alerting him about the people connected to him, Riku, and Kairi that need help.

Meanwhile, Aqua has found her way to the shores of the dark margin, where she finds a hooded Ansem the Wise, now having lost much of his memory. However, he reveals to her that Sora had saved the realm of light again. At the same time, Maleficent and Pete discuss the Datascape, and Maleficent decides there must be a connection between the Datascape and the Book of Prophecies, which she knew also could summon worlds. Finally, Master Yen Sid reveals that with the defeat of both the Heartless Ansem and the Nobody Xemnas, Master Xehanort would return. With that in mind, he has King Mickey summon Sora and Riku to take the Mark of Master Exam.

Dream Drop Distance: The Organization's Plan[edit | edit source]

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Master Yen Sid charges Sora and Riku to dive into the Realm of Sleep and unlock seven Sleeping Keyholes. Doing so will unlock the power to awaken hearts, something they will need in order to rescue the missing heroes from King Mickey's letter. Right from the start of the exam, however, things go awry as Sora and Riku are separated. As they travel through the sleeping worlds, they run into Ansem, Xemnas, and a young man in the Organization's coat.

Meanwhile, Lea, the original version of Axel, awakens in Radiant Garden, along with the other apprentices of Ansem the Wise. However, Lea notices the mysterious lack of both Braig and Isa. After searching around town, Lea decides to start looking for them elsewhere. At the same time, while King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy monitor Sora and Riku's progress with Master Yen Sid, Maleficent and Pete infiltrate Disney Castle and take Queen Minnie hostage, sending Maleficent's raven to demand King Mickey return to Disney Castle. The King quickly returns with Donald and Goofy, leaving Master Yen Sid to worry about the recent developments in light of Xehanort's impending return. Upon King Mickey's return to Disney Castle, Maleficent demands the King hand over Jiminy's Journal with the datascape. Though King Mickey hesitates, the confrontation is interrupted when Lea arrives with his chakrams, allowing Queen Minnie to escape her captors. Her leverage gone, both Maleficent and Pete leave, vowing to return. Lea accompanies King Mickey and the others back to The Mysterious Tower, where he makes an unexpected request of Master Yen Sid.

Sora and Riku's journey through the Realm of Sleep eventually leads them back to The World That Never Was instead of The Mysterious Tower. Sora learns about the Real Organization XIII, a new Organization made up of various versions of Xehanort, gathered by the young man in the Organization's coat, a younger, time-traveling version of Master Xehanort. He also finds out that he had been chosen to be their thirteenth member. By hijacking the Mark of Master Exam from the beginning, the Organization had been able to lure Sora into a trap, a nightmare to weaken his heart. Though he then fights and triumphs over Xemnas, his damaged heart causes him to fall into a comatose state.

Riku arrives as well and, after fighting an enemy from Sora's nightmare, Riku faces Ansem. Ansem reveals to Riku that he has been fighting within Sora's dreams the whole time, and while Riku accepts that he can hold the darkness and still wield the Keyblade, he refuses to join Ansem. After fighting Ansem, Riku emerges from Sora's dreams and in the real-world. He makes his way to the Castle That Never Was, where he finds Sora in a comatose state. However, Young Xehanort appears to stop Riku from recovering Sora. Although King Mickey temporarily stops him and the rest of the Organization from appearing, Young Xehanort overcomes the magic spell and challenges Riku. In the end, however, although Riku defeats Young Xehanort, the rest of the Organization appears, including, at last, Master Xehanort. Master Xehanort recants his previous efforts to create the χ-blade, and then reveals his new plan to do so. Mirroring the result of the previous Keyblade War, Xehanort aims to gather thirteen darknesses to clash against seven lights in order to forge the χ-blade, summon Kingdom Hearts, and bring about another Keyblade War. His plan to use Sora as the thirteenth member is thwarted when Lea, Donald, and Goofy arrive, distracting the group long enough to rescue Sora. However, Xehanort assures that his plan is inevitable as the Organization disappears.

Back in The Mysterious Tower, Riku chooses to dive back into Sora's heart to awaken him. He does so by defeating the nightmare now protecting his fractured heart, and arrives in a place akin to Destiny Islands, where he runs into Ventus, Roxas, and Xion, though he only recognizes Roxas. Then, he is confronted by an apparition of Ansem the Wise, who gives him a bottle containing data that Ansem had placed within Sora before he had awakened, hoping it might help. Riku returns to Master Yen Sid's tower, where Yen Sid declares Riku a Keyblade Master.

Sometime later, while preparing for Xehanort's plan to unfold, Master Yen Sid has Riku bring Kairi to The Mysterious Tower to train as a Keyblade wielder as one of the Seven Guardians of Light. As they prepare, Master Yen Sid and King Mickey reveal the fate of one of the guardians they plan to rescue, Aqua, when she sacrificed herself again so that Riku and King Mickey could seal the Door to Darkness. Riku and King Mickey then set out to rescue Aqua from the dark realm, while Kairi goes to train with Lea under Merlin.

The Second Keyblade War[edit | edit source]

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Sora is tasked with preparing to face Xehanort by seeking to recover the power of waking, which he failed to master during his Mark of Master Exam. Joined by Donald and Goofy, he travels to various worlds to do so. Meanwhile, Riku and King Mickey attempt to rescue Aqua from the Realm of Darkness, but are quickly defeated by a swarm of Heartless. Their Keyblades damaged, they return to The Mysterious Tower to regroup. King Mickey and Riku set out to try and gather more information on Aqua and Terra, hoping to figure out another way to find rescue her, while Sora attempts to rescue Roxas by going to Twilight Town. There, they attempt to re-gain access to the simulated Twilight Town, with the help of Ienzo, one of Ansem the Wise's apprentices and a former member of the Organization. As they continue their journey, Sora learns that the Organization is after a New Seven Hearts, new maidens who have received the power of the Princesses of Heart after his first journey to defeat Ansem, in order to forge the χ-blade should Sora fail to gather the Seven Guardians of Light. Along with Riku and King Mickey, he is also able to identify most of the rest of Organization as foes from his previous journeys.

Sora eventually has to make his way into the Realm of Darkness when Riku and King Mickey are trapped there, and has to face Aqua, who has been taken by the darkness after years of waiting in the dark realm. He is able to defeat her darkness, and the group is able to finally rescue her. Together, they go to rescue Ventus in Castle Oblivion. Aqua transforms the land back to The Land of Departure, only to find Vanitas there, ready to take Ventus. Aqua fights Vanitas off, but is defeated. However, this awakens Ventus's heart, and Ven is able to fight Vanitas off. Finally together, the group of guardians meet in The Mysterious Tower, now comprised of Sora, Riku, Aqua, Ventus, King Mickey, Lea, Kairi. They each go off to rest their final night before the inevitable battle. Ven and Aqua reminisce of their final night before the Mark of Mastery twelve years prior; Lea is confronted by Isa and reminded of the reason they joined the Organization; Riku talks to the Riku Replica, whose heart he had rescued in the Dark Realm during their first attempt to rescue Aqua; and Sora and Kairi finally share a paopu fruit as they prepare for the biggest challenge yet.

The next day, they journey to the Keyblade Graveyard, where they face a large multitude of Heartless. However, when they journey further, they are soon quickly defeated by Terra-Xehanort and the vast gathering of Heartless awaiting them. Sora awakens alone in The Final World, a place for the souls of those who have perished, body and heart, but who for whatever reason are still not entirely claimed by death. There, he finds Naminé's heart, who explains that she will attempt to reach out to Terra. By gathering the fragments of himself, Sora is able to completely return to the Realm of Light and rescue his friends. He learns that Kairi is the reason he still continued to exist, and they join their friends as they attempt once more to face the Organization. Although they are confronted by Terra-Xehanort again just as before, Terra-Xehanort's attack is suddenly blocked by the Lingering Will. Sora and the others are then able to confront the Demon Tower together. However, even after defeating it, they are soon surrounded once more by hundreds of Heartless. They are soon rescued by Master Yen Sid, who opens a path forward, and Donald and Goofy choose to stay behind to help Master Yen Sid.

Ahead, Sora joins the other Guardians of Light in fighting and defeating the members of the Real Organization XIII. Along the way, they rescue Xion, Roxas, and Terra, but lose Kairi, who is kidnapped by Xemnas. After Sora, Riku, and King Mickey defeat Xemnas, Ansem, and Young Xehanort, leaving only Master Xehanort himself, the Keyblade master summons and seemingly kills Kairi, producing the last of thirteen keys that become the χ-blade. With this, he is able to summon Kingdom Hearts. However, Riku and King Mickey determine that Xehanort can trapped in a portal, and with help from the other Guardians of Light, Sora opens a portal that takes Xehanort and Sora, Donald, and Goofy to a new world.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy finally face off against Master Xehanort in Scala ad Caelum, a world that once was the seat of power for Keyblade wielders. Although they defeat Xehanort, he still attempts to cause the destruction that will lead him to recreate the world as he sees fit, believing it to be the only way to create a truly balanced world. However, he is soon stopped when the other Guardians of Light appear, and, with Terra, the heart of Master Eraqus. Eraqus convinces Xehanort that he has been defeated, and Xehanort concedes, giving the χ-blade over to Sora before finally perishing with his old friend. Sora uses the χ-blade to seal Kingdom Hearts.

Once back, Sora sets out to rescue Kairi. Meanwhile, Xigbar summons the Foretellers, with the exception of Ava. He reveals himself to be Luxu in disguise and, with the black box by his side, begins to explain his role. Maleficent and Pete watch from a distance.

References[edit | edit source]

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