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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days logo 358.png
キングダムハーツ 358/2 Days
Kingudamu Hātsu Surī Faibu Eito Deizu ōbā Tsū
"What mattered the most was remembered the least."

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, read Kingdom Hearts Three-Five-Eight Days Over Two, is the fourth title in the Kingdom Hearts series, and the first of two playable titles for the Nintendo DS. The title follows the story of Roxas, Sora's Nobody and Organization XIII's number XIII, and his friends Axel and Xion. It covers the year in which Sora slept, leading up to the prologue of Kingdom Hearts II.

The title was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2007 on September 21, 2007, alongside Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts coded.[1] Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days released in Japan on May 30, 2009, with international releases later in the year.

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