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Xigbar KHIII.png
Other names
シグバール (Xigbar)
ブライグ (Braig)
Shigubāru (Xigbar)
Buraigu (Braig)
Daybreak Town
The Freeshooter
Origin of Name
Voice Actors
James Patrick Stuart (Braig/Xigbar, Luxu (KHIII))
Max Mittelman (Luxu (XBC))
Hōchū Ōtsuka (Braig/Xigbar, Luxu (KHIII))
Kenjiro Tsuda (Luxu (XBC))
First Appearance
Character Theme

Luxu, also known as Xigbar and Braig, is an apprentice to the Master of Masters, No. II in the original Organization XIII, and a member of the Real Organization XIII. His true motives and plans are unknown.

Story[edit source]

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover[edit source]

Luxu is a Keyblade wielder and apprentice under the Master of Masters. Before the Master mysteriously disappears, he tasks Luxu with both his Keyblade, which Luxu mistakenly names No Name, and a Black box. The Keyblade, which the Master claims has his eye in it, is to be passed down to a worthy successor, and that person to another worthy successor, perpetually, allowing the Master to see the future and write the Book of Prophecies. To avoid any temporal paradoxes, the Master explains that Luxu will not receive a copy of the book. The box must remain with Luxu always, and must not be opened. However, at Luxu’s insistence, the Master whispers to him the box’s contents, explaining that he will soon understand why. Finally, Luxu is told to avoid the coming conflict. Once he receives his role, Luxu watches his fellow Keyblade wielders from afar. After the Master inexplicably disappears, Luxu does as well.

Kingdom Hearts χ[edit source]

Trying to avoid the impending Keyblade War, Ava seeks out Luxu, hoping that he might know the location of the Master of Masters. When she finds him in Daybreak Town, she interrogates him, but Luxu explains that the Keyblade War is inevitable. Then, he explains the truth about the traitor, claiming that the Lost Page is a prophecy not in the Book of Prophecies, and that he is to live past the Keyblade War. Ava accuses Luxu of taking advantage of the Master’s will, and attacks him with her Keyblade. The clash of their Keyblades sends a shockwave through Daybreak Town, causing the clock tower bell to toll, signaling the end.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit source]

Luxu chooses one of the new Union Leaders to pass on his Keyblade to. However, he soon realizes that one of the Union Leaders is a fraud, and wonders if this is part of the Master of Masters’ plan.

Between Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit source]

Luxu, supposedly as part of his role, takes on various forms and identities in the years following the Keyblade War. It appears that he regularly watches those who wield No Name. A long time after the Keyblade War, he takes on the identity of Braig, and becomes an apprentice to Ansem the Wise.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit source]

Having seen that Master Xehanort, who has inherited the Gazing Eye, plans to reenact the Keyblade War, Braig seeks to get close to him, masquerading as one who desires the Keyblade for himself. He encounters Xehanort in Radiant Garden, and plots with him to awaken the darkness in Terra’s heart. To do so, Braig ties up Master Xehanort and taunts Terra, telling him that if he doesn’t fight him, Braig will kill Xehanort. Terra fights Braig, and at the behest of Xehanort, releases the darkness in his heart to defeat him. As a result, however, Terra strikes Braig in his right eye, causing him to lose his sight in that eye. After Terra leaves, Braig complains that he didn't sign up to be collateral damage, but backs down when Xehanort threatens to attack him with the Keyblade.