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"All good editors need a dungeon."

I work here sometimes. Former admin at The Keyhole, former moderator at the KHWiki. Helps run and @KHDatabase on Twitter.

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KH3 Ultimania Interviews[edit | edit source]

Here for reference, translations by @lunesacree on Twitter. Please also see References section.

Notes on Critical (NG+)[edit | edit source]

  • It hard
  • All Keyblades transfer
    • All keyblades start at level 1.
  • New ablilites
    • Critical Counter
    • Critical Recharge
    • Critical Converter
  • More returning abilites at start
    • Aerial Recovery
    • Block
    • Counter Slash
    • Counter Impact
    • Counter Kick
    • Final Blow
    • Risk Dodge
    • Rising Spiral
    • Groundbreaker
    • Sonic Slash
    • Buzz Saw
    • Somersault
    • Sonic Cleave
    • Dodge Roll
    • Air Slide (x3)
    • Aerial Dodge
    • Wall Kick
    • Pole Spin
    • Pole Swing
    • Superslide (x3)
    • Zero EXP
    • Scan
    • Assist Friends
    • Magic Lock-on
    • Combo Master
    • Damage Control
  • Start with Soldier's Earring (Has Defender ability)
  • "Proof of Times Past" is reward for completion
  • End screen art is Super Groupies art

Gifts[edit | edit source]


End of the World- Final Rest (Art) KH.png This user battled their way through the End of the World to reach FinalRest

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Note: “release day” in this context is likely talking about the day was game was completed, not when it went on sale
  2. The official translation is correct: in the context of the situation, Xehanort is the “scapegoat”, and the Keyblade itself has no name.