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Interested in affiliating with the Kingdom Hearts Database? Welcome to the Requests for Affiliation hub, where you can make a request to affiliate with the Kingdom Hearts Database and join the many other sites who have graciously linked back to us. KHDatabase is always looking to expand its list of affiliates with great sites that are relevant to our subject and goals as an database so don't be afraid to make a request!

Guidelines[edit source]

  • For each affiliation request, please create a new section with your site's name in the appropriate section, coded by "=== Site name ===". In the section, please explain or elaborate on your request, so we know some of the motivation, drive, or reasoning behind affiliating.
  • If you are from a wiki or jointly owned site, please make sure that an affiliation with the Kingdom Hearts Database would be acceptable to your community. We really wouldn't want user going out on a limb to affiliate with us without getting the support of who they are representing.
    • Likewise, if you could provide a link to any discussion/forum/approval of your community toward the affiliation, that would be superb.
  • Please be patient; oftentimes, our community has to have a discussion disputing an affiliation so that we can make the most informed, universally acceptable decision possible.

The Kingdom Hearts Database is in almost any circumstance very happy to affiliate with any of the following sites:

  • A strong wiki that covers material created or licensed by Square Enix, Square, Enix, or Eidos.
  • A YouTube channel covering a game in the Kingdom Hearts series with a "Let's Play!" compilation of videos.
  • A Kingdom Hearts site in a different language.

The above list is by no means exclusive, but instead reflects upon what the Kingdom Hearts Database has been very accepting of in past requests for affiliation.