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News:March Caprice 2.0: A Celebration of Kingdom Hearts virtual event announced for March 2022

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March Caprice 2.0: A Celebration of Kingdom Hearts virtual event announced for March 2022
March Caprice 2.0 promotional image 01 MC2.png

  • March Caprice returns in March 2022 for its second year in celebration of Kingdom Hearts series 20th Anniversary
  • Event will be held March 26, 2022.
  • Sign-ups are open now!

In March 2021, the Kingdom Hearts community came together to celebrate the Kingdom Hearts series and show support for the talents, passions, and projects in the first ever March Caprice: A Celebration of Kingdom Hearts event. The event, organized by various fans in the community, allowed fans from all over to participate, showcasing their latest projects, from mods and artwork to music performances and speedruns. With a lull in news from the series, March Caprice created a moment of celebration at a time where the future of the series was still unknown.

Today, we're excited to announce March Caprice 2.0! Building on the success of the first March Caprice event, this upcoming event will serve as a celebration of the Kingdom Hearts series as it celebrates its 20th Anniversary. Just las before, the event will be open to anyone interested in showing off all kinds of content, including video streams, speedruns, video essays, podcasts, artwork, music, and more! There will also be artwork and merchandise from community again, providing an opportunity for those who rely on conventions and other in-person gatherings to sell their work to support themselves. The event will be livestreamed and include a gallery of artwork and merchandise. You can view the announcement trailer below:

March Caprice 2.0 Announcement trailer

This upcoming event is being organized by the following community members:

Those interested in participating in the event can sign up today at More information can be found both on the site and will be shared on the event's Twitter account @MarchCapriceKH. Even if you don't participate, be sure to mark the date and share with all your friends to help make this the greatest celebration of the series!

March Caprice 2.0 is set to begin on March 26, 2022. We can't wait to see everyone there!