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News:March Caprice virtual celebration kicks-off ahead of series 20th Anniversary

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March Caprice virtual celebration kicks-off ahead of series 20th Anniversary
March Caprice 2.0 promotional image 01 MC2.png

  • March Caprice 2.0 has started!
  • The virtual event will continue through March 27

The highly-anticipated start of this year's March Caprice: A Celebration of Kingdom Hearts virtual fan gathering event has begun! The event, which this year will last three days, features a variety of content creators showing off a whole slew of different projects and work, from video essays and live streams, to music videos and artwork, to merchandise and written works. The event will be entirely virtual, being hosted both on the creators' individual video channels and on the March Caprice website. A complete schedule of the event can be viewed at Featured art, merchandise, and writing can also be found on the website at

This year's event coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series, and with the KH20 fan event being held in Austin, Texas. Both events are separate from the official 20th Anniversary event being held in Japan by Square Enix in April.

You can join the creators and watch the events unfold on the official March Caprice Discord server or follow along on Twitter on the official March Caprice Twitter account. Both locations will feature announcements as each event begins. Let us know if you're joining any of these events!

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