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Nomura, Yasue answer questions about Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, future of series

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Nomura, Yasue answer questions about Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, future of series

  • Kingdom Hearts III co-directors answer various questions about the development and release of Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind and the future of the series.

With the release of Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind on the PlayStation 4 this week, Kingdom Hearts III co-directors Tetsuya Nomura and Tai Yasue answered questions about the DLC's development and the features that are coming in the package. The two sets of Q&A, titled "The 7 Questions of Light" and "The 13 Questions of Darkness", features Tai Yasue and Tetsuya Nomura, Yasue taking the Questions of Light and Nomura taking the Questions of Darkness, as they each discuss the upcoming features of the DLC.

In "Archive:The 7 Questions of Light," Yasue goes into the details of the new features of Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind. He discusses how both the Data Greeting and Slideshow features came to be, as well as how the Premium Menu works. Regarding Premium Menu, Yasue reveals there are several different achievements and challenges for using the settings there, including one challenge to make it from Rapunzel's tower to The Kingdom in Kingdom of Corona while touching the ground as little as possible. He also assures that the Limit Cut bosses will make people cry.

Nomura dives deeper into the story details of Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind and its development in "Archive:The 13 Questions of Darkness." He explains that Re Mind is basically the equivalent of a Final Mix title of the past, but does not confirm the physical release of the game with the additional content. He also reveals that the content in the DLC amounts to about the equivalent of a whole world in Kingdom Hearts III. Nomura teases that the Secret Episode has hints towards the future of the series, but also claims that players won't be able to understand it at this time. Finally, Nomura reveals that in addition to the teams working on Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts Union χ, there are two more teams working on Kingdom Hearts projects, with one coming surprisingly soon. We've since learned this to be referring to the recently-announced Project Xehanort mobile game coming this spring.

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