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Project Destiny’s Embrace is a project aimed at covering all every character that has been featured in the Kingdom Hearts series. The goal here is to have an article for every character that has appeared in the series, including the manga, novels, and mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union X.

Our first and main task here is to cover every character that appears in Kingdom Hearts III, and making sure those articles are up to date. After that, we will fill in the remaining characters.

Per the Manual of Style, character articles should be written as follows:

  • Introduction: A brief introduction of who the character is.
  • Story: A summary of the character’s role and actions in the story. Some of the main characters will have to have their roles summarized to how it affects the main plot of the series, while other characters, such as those that appear solely in one world, will likely go into more detail.
  • Development and Design: A description of the character’s physical appearance, as they appear in the series, as well as a summary of any known information from the games’ development cycles that relates to the character.
  • Origin: A brief summary of the work where the character originates from.

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