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Deep Jungle

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Deep Jungle

Sora and his friends sought to reach the gorilla's nesting grounds, but Clayton, possessed by the Heartless, stood in their way.

He abducted Jane and hunted down the gorillas. In their final showdown, Sora and company defeated Clayton and an invisible monster named Stealth Sneak.

Sora finally gained Kerchak's trust and was allowed to go to the nesting grounds. Tarzan led everyone to a cavern with a mysterious Keyhole.

When Sora sealed it with the Keyblade, he found an unusual gummi block.

Although Sora and the others couldn't find their friends, the new gummi block should help them get to another world.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy said goodbye to Tarzan and the others and continued with their journey.

Jiminy's Journal Deep Jungle KH.png
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