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"My friends are my power, and I'm theirs!"

The following is a list of our affiliates, who have courteously decided to link back to the Kingdom Hearts Database. Check them out kupo!

Wiki Networks
Gaming Wiki Network icon.png

The Gaming Wiki Network is a network of independently-hosted wikis about video game franchises. The GWN was founded on October 15, 2020, and features communities such as the Crash Bandicoot Wiki, Spyro Wiki, the Independent Fallout Wiki, the Final Fantasy Wiki, and MediEvil Wiki. It's purpose is to help link to and support independent video game wikis.

The Kingdom Hearts Database is the thirteenth member wiki of the GWN.

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Kingdom Hearts Community
Affiliate - Kingdom Hearts Screencaps.png

Affiliate since April 30, 2019
Dedicated to being the #1 source for Kingdom Hearts Screencaptures.

Kingdom Hearts Screencaps is a non-profit website that hosts subtitled and non-subtitled screenshots from all Kingdom Hearts titles, for use all over the internet. The site was created in hopes that others could also have a central resource to find screencaps for a variety of projects. Most of the screenshots hosted here on Database come from Kingdom Hearts Screencaps!

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Project Destati icon.png

Affiliate since August 6, 2019
Xion Lives.

Project Destati is a celebration of the rich musical score of the Kingdom Hearts games. The aim of their project is to capture the depth, intensity, and magnitude of Yoko Shimomura’s brilliant compositions that have brought Kingdom Hearts to life over the past decade. They do so by re-imagining her work for full orchestra, and share the awesome sound that these melodies deserve.

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Affiliate - Final Fantasy Wiki.png

Affiliate since April 30, 2021
Covering Square Enix's flagship franchise, the Final Fantasy series, and related franchises

Final Fantasy Wiki is an independent wiki covering Square Enix's critically-acclaimed flagship franchise, the Final Fantasy series, as well as other related franchises. The wiki was founded in 2020 by members of the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance.

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Affiliate - KHGuides.png

Affiliate since March 18, 2023
Building the best online walkthroughs and guides for the Kingdom Hearts series. is an independent website founded in 2005 set on building the best online walkthroughs and guides for the Kingdom Hearts series. The website features tutorials for boss battles, mini-games, side quests, and more, sourced from official publications and personal tests. In addition to the walkthroughs on the website, KHGuides produces video walkthroughs on YouTube, and streams regularly on Twitch.

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We're looking forward to more sites linking back to us! If you're interested in affiliating with the Kingdom Hearts Database, please leave a formal request on our talk page!

Friends of the KHDatabase[edit source]

While the following people aren't necessarily "affiliates", they have lent us a hand in building the Database by allowing us to use some of their content as resources. We thank them for their willingness to help.

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