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The forums are a place to discuss the Kingdom Hearts series, upcoming events and projects on the Kingdom Hearts Database, and collaborate on efforts to improve our coverage. They're also a means to communicate and bring up issues with the site. People are invited to discuss and participate in forums freely and openly.

Rules[edit source]

  • Show respect: Follow the guidelines in General rules. You are expected to be respectful, even if you don't agree with others.
  • Be Kind: Please be kind to everyone, regardless of their behavior. If someone is being disruptive, rude, or unfair, please report them to the Staff.
  • Don't engage in offensive behavior: You should not engage in attacking anyone on the basis of religion, political affiliation, gender, age, race, or sexual orientation.
  • Keep it clean: You may not engage in conversation that is pornographic in nature, violent, or gruesome.

Forums[edit source]

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