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The Kingdom Hearts Database has a large and growing presence on social media. Our social media channels allow us to reach out to our community, meet new people, and bring the latest updates on the Kingdom Hearts to everyone instantly. We're always looking for new ways to reach out to people and invite them to help build the best Kingdom Hearts resource on the internet, so be sure to let us know of any ideas and keep an eye out for new things on our social channels!

If you're interested in participating or pitching in with any of our social media channels, feel free to reach out to a member of the Database staff!

Twitter[edit source]

Our most active social media account is our Twitter. We post the latest news and updates from the series and the Database on Twitter, and occasionally have a little fun with the community. Our Twitter account is run by both KeybladeSpyMaster and Chainoffire.

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Discord[edit source]

Main Article: KHDatabase:Discord

While talk pages on the Database are the traditional collaborative space, our Discord server is where most of our real-time collaboration and projects are discussed and decided on. We still post the latest news and updates from the series and the Database on our Discord, and we have channels for more casual and series-based discussion, in addition to our Database discussions. The server is run and moderated by the members of the Database staff.

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YouTube[edit source]

Our YouTube channel is where we currently upload and share video content from the Kingdom Hearts series. Built and run largely by our friend and prolific YouTuber and Twitch Partner RegularPat, our YouTube channel currently hosts a large collection of individual cutscenes and playlists of cutscenes from the Theater Mode sections of the series. We're also collecting and preparing to upload trailers from the series soon. If you have any suggestions for our YouTube channel, be sure to let us know!

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Tumblr[edit source]

Our Tumblr blog consists of sharing art and other incredible content from the Kingdom Hearts community on Tumblr. We don't share much about updates and news from the series, but instead focus on sharing the work of others in the community. Be sure to check out the wonderful work there! Our Tumblr was built and run by FinalRest.

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Facebook[edit source]

Our Facebook page is another place where we post updates and news from the Kingdom Hearts series and the Kingdom Hearts Database. It's not as active as our Twitter, but still a place where we're growing. We also have a Facebook group where members of the community can share Kingdom Hearts posts with each other. Our Facebook page is run by KeybladeSpyMaster.

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Patreon[edit source]

Patreon is a membership platform established in 2013. Since hosting the Kingdom Hearts Database isn't free, the site has a Patreon that allows members of the community to support the site financially. There aren't any exclusive rewards just yet, but if you have any ideas and would like to support the Database, this is one way to do so! Our Patreon page is currently run by KeybladeSpyMaster, who hosts the site.

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Ko-fi[edit source]

Ko-fi is another way to support the Kingdom Hearts Database financially. Whereas Patreon is usually a monthly commitment, Ko-fi allows users to give a one-time donation to the Database. Our Ko-fi page is currently run by KeybladeSpyMaster, who hosts the Kingdom Hearts Database.

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