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About the Kingdom Hearts Database

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"Defenders of truth. Warriors of light."

The Kingdom Hearts Database is a project working to build the ultimate source for news, information, and media from the Kingdom Hearts series by preserving all official content related to the series.

We accomplish this mission by focusing on being reliable, complete, and welcoming to all members of the Kingdom Hearts community:

  • Reliable: The Database works to be a place people trust to hold accurate information. We avoid speculation and clickbait and base our articles on reliable, trustworthy sources we can link to or reference.
  • Complete: The Database seeks to document and preserve everything related to the Kingdom Hearts series, including plot (story, characters, worlds, lore, and scripts), gameplay (abilities, stats, enemies, and walkthroughs), history (press releases, events, news, manuals, cut content), merchandise (toys, collectibles, novels, and manga), and media (screenshots, concept art, character art, audio samples, and cutscenes).
  • Welcoming: The Database seeks to welcome all to join our community and help us build the site. We also seek to partner with and promote other websites, projects, and groups with similar goals.

The Kingdom Hearts Database was created on March 5, 2018, in anticipation for the release of Kingdom Hearts III. Learn more about our history here.

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The current logo of the Kingdom Hearts Database.

The Kingdom Hearts Database logo consists of a shield, Keyblade, and pencil posed in a coat of arms.

  • The shield refers to our desire to defend the truth and the light, and represents our passion for the Kingdom Hearts series.
  • The Keyblade is a reference to the Guardians of Light and our desire to help build the Kingdom Hearts community.
  • The pencil is a reference to the ability for anyone to join the community and edit, improve, and change the Database.

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The Kingdom Hearts Database can be found on various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Our main gathering place is our Discord, where you can find us sharing everything Kingdom Hearts. You can find all our social accounts here!

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The Kingdom Hearts Database runs no ads and is entirely volunteer-built. You can support maintaining the Database on both Patreon and Ko-Fi.

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All are invited to help build the Kingdom Hearts Database. You can sign up for an account here to start adding what you know. If you need help or have questions, feel free to reach out to a member of the Database staff or join our Discord to be a part of the magic!

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