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About the Kingdom Hearts Database

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The current logo of the Kingdom Hearts Database.

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Defenders of truth. Warriors of light.

The Kingdom Hearts Database is a new project dedicated to being the complete resource for official news and information on the Kingdom Hearts series. We're committed to bringing the best information and news on this series in one place. Our goal is to help you, the player, the gamer, the fan, to be able to understand the story of this beloved series, play the games and get through some of the toughest challenges, and enjoy every second of it. We hope that, as we build this new fountain of knowledge and light, we'll gain your trust and you'll find a new community of enthusiastic and welcoming fans. And hopefully, you'll join us, too; after all, our friends are our power!

To fulfill our mission of being the complete resource for official news and information on the Kingdom Hearts series, the Kingdom Hearts Database focuses on:

  • Explaining the Kingdom Hearts series, including plot, characters, and game data;
  • Reporting on the latest Kingdom Hearts news;
  • Providing a place for the community to gather, discuss, and socialize.

The Kingdom Hearts Database was created on March 5, 2018, in preparation for the highly-anticipated release of Kingdom Hearts III. If you want to get in on the action, be sure to contact KeybladeSpyMaster.

Founded: March 5, 2018