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About the Kingdom Hearts Database

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The current logo of the Kingdom Hearts Database.

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Defenders of truth. Warriors of light.

The Kingdom Hearts Database is a project that works to provide the ultimate source for news, information, and media from the Kingdom Hearts series.

The Kingdom Hearts Database works to document and preserve a wide-range of content, including lore, gameplay data, news, scripts, media, interviews, development history, and more related to the Kingdom Hearts series. We hope that, as we build this ultimate resource, we'll gain your trust and you'll find a new community of enthusiastic and welcoming fans.

To fulfill our mission, the Kingdom Hearts Database focuses on allowing players and readers to:

  • Answer questions about the Kingdom Hearts series, its story, content, and gameplay;
  • Contribute to building the Database and add or improve to the answers we have;
  • Participate in a welcoming and friendly community.

The Kingdom Hearts Database is a member of the Radiant Garden Preservation Committee, with a focus on recovering, collecting, and preserving all official information, history, news, art, music, gameplay, story, and resources of beloved video game franchises like the Kingdom Hearts series.

The Kingdom Hearts Database was created on March 5, 2018, in preparation for the highly-anticipated release of Kingdom Hearts III. Everyone is invited to help build the Kingdom Hearts Database. You can sign up for an account here to start contributing what you know, and can reach out to any member of the Staff for help and to get in on the action.

Founded: March 5, 2018