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Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts Database! We're excited to have you here! Start here to get involved in the best resource on Kingdom Hearts news and information!


The Kingdom Hearts Database is a project aimed at being the most complete source for news and information on the Kingdom Hearts series. We do this by focusing on three things:

  • Answer questions about the Kingdom Hearts series, its story, content, and gameplay;
  • Encourage others to contribute to building the Database and improve the content and answers we have;
  • Build a welcoming and friendly community.
We hope you'll join us on our quest! You can learn more about the Kingdom Hearts Database here.


The Database has a growing community involved in plenty of different things. Explore who we are, what we're doing, and where you can pitch in at Disney Castle our community portal!

  • The Courtyard has information about our social media channels, forums, and other community activities.


Thank you for joining the Kingdom Hearts Database! May your heart be your guiding key!

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