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Cy-Bug Sector

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Cy-Bug Sector

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Cy-Bug Sector is a world within Game Central Station, first introduced in Quest 886 in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. It is the world of the first-person shooting game Hero's Duty, and is based on the game of the same name from the 2012 computer-animated film Wreck-It Ralph.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit | edit source]

The Keyblade wielder and Chirithy follow Wreck-It Ralph into a new location vastly different from Niceland.[1] There, Ralph charges with several other armed soldiers to fight the Cy-bugs, enemies very different but equally hostile as the Heartless.[2] Ralph interferes with the game, causing Sergeant Calhoun to scold him.[3] He learns that the medal he seeks is at the top of a tall tower, and begins to climb it in order to retrieve it. Chirithy and the Keyblade wielder chase after him.[4]

Meanwhile, Fix-It Felix arrives and, after being attacked by Sergeant Calhoun and her crew, explains he's looking for Ralph. Ralph, on the other hand, makes it to the top of the tower, where he acquires the medal he's sought. However, as he walks away, he accidentally breaks and activates multiple Cy-bug eggs, allowing the Cy-bugs to appear. As Chirthy and the Keyblade wielder arrive, one of the Cy-bugs attacks Ralph, and as he attempts to rip it away from his face, he stumbles into a ship and is flown off. Chirithy and the Keyblade wielder are surrounded by Cy-bugs, but are soon joined by Ephemer, who is chasing a Darkling. They catch the Darkling, but it is soon eaten by and fused with a Cy-bug, which flies away. Ephemer and the Keyblade wielder decide to chase after it.[5]

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