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Forum:Audience Chamber Rules

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Welcome to the Audience Chamber! To get started, here are the rules for this forum:

  • As per our general content rules and forum rules, no offensive, violent, pornographic, or illegal content should be posted here.
  • This forum is for posting suggestions to improve the content of the Kingdom Hearts Database and how we manage the site.
  • You can create posts to suggest different formats for articles, new content to cover, redesigning templates, or changes to the way we administer the site. You can also report bugs or issues with the site's design, or suggestions for redesigning the site, here.
  • You can post suggestions to change site policies here, such as what content we allow on the Database.
  • The staff will post site-wide announcements here, including new events. These will be also be posted in the Database bulletin board.
  • Projects should not be organized or discussed here. These should go in the Ansem's Study forums.

As always, if you have any questions, you can ask the Kingdom Hearts Database Staff for help!

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