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Project Star Seeker is a project aimed at covering every title in the Kingdom Hearts series. The goal is to have an article for every Kingdom Hearts title, including mobile games, spin-offs, and other non-canon titles.

Our first and main task is to ensure that the articles Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts Union χ are up to date. After that, we will fill in the remaining titles.

Per the Manual of Style, game articles should be written as follows:

  • Introduction: A brief introduction to the game, including a simple summary of the title’s premise and the title’s release.
  • Story: A summary of the title’s plot. This should not cover every event in the game, but it should focus and detail the most significant events impacting the overall plot of the game.
  • Worlds and Characters: A list of every character in the game, divided by world.
  • Gameplay: A summary of the most important or significant gameplay elements introduced in the title.
  • Development: A summary of the title’s development cycle, as publicly known.
  • Re-releases: A summary of any re-releases of the same title.

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