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Sora and company, trapped inside Hook's ship, searched for Kairi and Wendy, who were locked away somewhere below deck.

When they found them, they learned that something was wrong with Kairi. She remained dormant, as if she had lost her heart.

Just when Sora thought Kairi was within reach, Riku snatched her away. Sora and the others pursued them to the main deck, where Hook and his men waited.

With Peter Pan's help, they defeated the pirates, but Riku and Kairi were nowhere to be found. For no, Sora could only hope to see her again.

When he sealed the Keyhole at the clock tower, Sora found a gummi block. Will he be able to find Kairi again with his new block?

With Tinker Bell now in the party, Sora and his friends continued with their journey.

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