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Olympus Coliseum

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Olympus Coliseum

After obtaining the Entry Pass from Hades

Sora, Donald, and Goofy tried to enter the tournament, but Phil, keeper of the Coliseum, turned them away.

But with Hades's help Sora and his friends got the entry ticket to enter games.

Tough battles may lie ahead, but with the Keyblade, Sora should have nothing to fear.
Good luck!

Obtain the Hero License

Sora, Donald, and Goofy fought brilliantly to advance to the finals. Their opponent was Cloud, who was hired by Hades to get rid of Sora and company.

When Hades unleashed Cerberus during the match, Hercules entered the arena and took him on single-handedly.

In the end, Sora and his friends helped Hercules defeat Cerberus. Phil was impressed by their feat and dubbed Sora, Donald, and Goofy junior heroes.
Fight in other tournaments, continue your journey to become a true hero.


Hades plotted to destroy Sora and Hercules, but failed. First, Cloud failed to carry out his orders, then Cerberus was defeated.

But Hades did not give up on his goal--to rule the worlds as the king of darkness. He hosted the Hades Cup to deal with Sora personally.

Overcoming tough trials, Sora and company defeated Hades.

Jiminy's Journal Olympus Coliseum KH.png
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