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Story (Arendelle) 01 KHIII.png

We next found ourselves on a freezing, show-covered mountainside. While battling the cold an the Heartless, Sora saw a woman run across the frozen sea and up the mountain. We decided to go after her.

As she introduced herself as Queen Elsa of Arendelle, we were suddenly ambushed by more Heartless. Elsa wiped one of them out with a magical blast of ice. It was that power--and the possibility that she might hurt someone with it--that had convinced Elsa she must leave her kingdom behind. She ran from us, asking to be left alone, but here sadness and selflessness struck a chord with Sora.

Story (Arendelle) 02 KHIII.png

It was then that a member of Organization XIII going by Larxene appeared and tried to trap us in a winding, wintry maze. We escaped and followed Elsa's trail up the North Mountain, where we watched in awe as she constructed a magnificent palace of ice. But again, Larxene prevented us from speaking with Elsa. It turned out the Organization had been observing Elsa to see if she might be one of the New Seven Hearts. Before we knew it, Larxene had flung us back down the slopes, where we soon found ourselves caught in a massive avalanche.

Soon after digging ourselves out of the snow, we made some new friends: a walking, talking snowman named Olaf; Elsa's younger Sister, Anna; Kristoff, her guide; and Sven, Kristoff's reindeer companion.

Story (Arendelle) 03 KHIII.png

Anna had come up the mountain to find Elsa and put an end to the unnatural winter affecting Arendelle. She told Sora about her childhood, and how she and here sister grew apart. Elsa's choice to live in solitude to protect her sister reminded Sora of Riku's actions in the past.

When a pack of Heartless attacked, we told Anna and her friends to hurry on to Elsa's palace while we handled the threat.

Story (Arendelle) 04 KHIII.png

After getting bounced from the palace gates by an enormous ice creature, a frustrated Anna fought back-an act that literally snowballed into a full-blown panic. We tried to buy time for her and the others to escape, but we were backed up against a cliff that crumbled beneath us. Falling down the mountain was starting to become routine.

Sora was determined to speak to Elsa, but on the way back to the ice palace, we saw a suspicious man carrying her toward Arendelle. Further along, we crossed paths with the ice creature we'd battled before. Sora realized he was trying to save Elsa too, so we all joined forces and made our way toward the town.

Story (Arendelle) 05 KHIII.png

We soon learned from Kristoff that Anna was in danger, too. Time was running out. As Kristof and Sven ran ahead, we did our best to keep pace, crossing the icy sea with the help of our big show-pal.

We watched helplessly as Anna stopped in to defend her sister and turned to solid ice. A powerful Heartless took shaped from the darkness in the man who had attacked them. Knowing only we could stop it, we stopped in and did our small par tot defend Arendelle.

Story (Arendelle) 06 KHIII.png

Then, we watched in wonder as Anna thawed. It was her selfless act of true love for her sister that dispelled the magic. Elsa, in turn, realized she could control her magic with the same love. Each of them proved to be one of the New Seven Hearts.

We still didn't have all seven of our guardians, but Larxene claimed the Organization was all but ready for the final clash. We knew Elsa and Anna's happiness would be short-lived if we didn't gather our numbers, and soon.

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