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Story (Monstropolis) 01 KHIII.png

As we arrived at the doors of a colossal power company called Monsters, Incorporated, Sora Donald, and Goofy discovered that Donald's magic had transformed them into monsters too.

Inside, we were alarmed to find a pair of monsters with a little human girl, Book but one look at how happy Boo was convinced us that the monsters, Mike and Sulley, must be friendly. When the decidedly less friendly Unversed appeared in the company lobby, we volunteered to play exterminator.

Story (Monstropolis) 02 KHIII.png

Given the circumstances, we all agreed that getting Boo home safely should be our top priority. Her house was connected to Sully and Mike's company by a special door.

But our efforts to find it were cut short by sabotage: Randall, a former employee banished for his scheming, had returned and was eager to stage a comeback using the energy from negative emotions. Mike, Sully, and the rest of us battled our way out the factor with a little help form Boo's laugh energy.

Story (Monstropolis) 03 KHIII.png

Along our way back to the door vault, we faced power outages, explosions, fires, and other frustrations, but Sulley's quick thinking (and a little heavy lifting) helped us find a shortcut.

Once again we found ourselves face-to-face with Randall. Jealous of Sulley and Mike's success, he tried to use a huge Unversed to get us all out of the picture. Of course, since you're reading this, you know it didn't work. Sulley and Mike banished their rival from the factory again, and this time Sora used his Keyblade to lock the door behind Randall for good measure.

Story (Monstropolis) 04 KHIII.png

Just as Sully and Mike were about to send Boo home, the Organization's Vanitas appeared. He was the one who brought Randall back and furnished him with Unversed in order to gather negative emotions.

Vanitas revealed that Ventus, one of the missing Keyblade wielders, now sleeps inside of Sora, then attempted to rejoin with Ventus by force. Again, Sulley's quick thinking saved the day. With an imposing roar, he overpowered Vanitas and saved Sora from who know what fate.

Story (Monstropolis) 05 KHIII.png

With our roller-coaster quest for Boo's door finally over, we said our good-byes to your little friend as she returned to her room. Next, it was time to bid Sulley and Mike farewell, We shared a few more laughs together, then said our thank-yous and god back to our usual business.

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