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KHDatabase:Coverage policy

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The Kingdom Hearts Database covers a huge amount of information related to the Kingdom Hearts series. The series now spans across multiple video game platforms, literary adaptations, and features a swath of related albums, guides, figures, and merchandise. This coverage policy is written in order to ensure that the Database fulfills its mission of being the best source for official news and information.[1]

Official materials[edit source]

In order to ensure that the Kingdom Hearts Database can be the most complete resource for official news and information, only information found in official materials is allowed to be published on the Database. This means only content and information that comes directly from the games, from the officially-licensed and Square Enix-published Ultimania series, from the officially-licensed manga series by Shiro Amano, from the officially-licensed novel series by Tomoco Kanemaki, interviews with members of the development staff (particularly series director Tetsuya Nomura, co-director Tai Yasue, and executive producer Shinji Hashimoto), officially-licensed merchandise, soundtrack albums, and web publications. Information stemming from beyond these items should be discussed prior to being added.

Canon content[edit source]

Although all official materials should be covered, not all official materials are considered canon or should be covered. This section of the policy aims to give guidelines for what content covered in official materials should be covered on the Database, while allowing for flexibility for information that isn't explicitly explained in the series.

All fan-made content, theories, and speculation is not considered canon, is not considered official materials, and should not be included on the Kingdom Hearts Database, nor should it be alluded to.

The Kingdom Hearts manga series and the Kingdom Hearts novel series, though officially-licensed content, are not considered canon and should not be covered in most articles. However, its contents can and should be covered in articles covering the manga and novel series themselves.

Although content should adhere as much as possible to the information detailed in the titles themselves and related information, some information is presented but not always explicitly revealed. Acknowledging that there are concepts that are not explicitly expressed in the games or by the series development staff, certain information that is implied can be considered for being added to the Database. When considering information that appears to be implied within the series, the following should be considered:

  • Does including the information open the Database to additional, potentially false information being added under similar reasons?
  • Does excluding the information place an unnecessary burden of proof on the games to explain what likely is meant for players to understand on their own?

With these questions in mind, we can ensure that the Database remains a source for official information, and that the Database always covers the most accurate information on the series.

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References[edit source]

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