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KHDatabase:Spoiler Policy

From Kingdom Hearts Database

This spoiler policy is meant to describe what information is allowed to be on the Kingdom Hearts Database as it relates to unreleased games and products, and how to handle pre-release information. This policy applies to the Kingdom Hearts Database and all official communications channels, including our Twitter and Facebook pages and the Discord server.

Leaked content[edit source]

Content and information that stems from unauthorized, leaked content, is not allowed on the Kingdom Hearts Database.

Spoilers[edit source]

Information that is officially released (whether by Square Enix, The Walt Disney Company, development staff, or others who work on Kingdom Hearts-related projects) should be covered on the Kingdom Hearts Database. As appropriate, the News team may cover the fact the information is revealed in a news article. However, it is appropriate for the information to be covered in the mainspace. Any article with official content related to unreleased games should be marked with the Spoilers maintenance notice at the top of the page. Additionally, the Unreleased maintenance notice should be added to the top of the page for all such articles.

The Spoiler notice can be removed one month after the last scheduled regional release of the game. The Unreleased notice can be removed by members of the KHDatabase Staff or others authorized by those members once the content has been checked after the game's released and confirmed to be true.

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