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Kupo Coin

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"A special coin that protects Sora from the worst. If your HP drops to 0, it will fully restore health a single time."
Moogle Shop description
Kupo Coin KHIII.png

Kupo Coin is a consumable item introduced in Kingdom Hearts III. It restores Sora's HP gauge once if it drops to 0.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In Kingdom Hearts III, the kupo coin will fully restore his HP gauge once if it's completely depleted. In Critical mode, the kupo coin only restores half of Sora's HP gauge once if it's completely depleted.

Shops and Drops[edit | edit source]

In Kingdom Hearts III, Sora can acquire a kupo coin from the following shops:

Shop Munny
All Shops 400

Design[edit | edit source]

The Kupo Coin is round, mostly gold coin, decorated with pink and red stars along an outer ring of the coin. The inner part of the coin has an image of a Moogle in gold on top of a pinkish-purple background. The worlds "Mog Kupo Coin" are engraved on the slop surrounding the pinkish-purple background on each side of the Moogle.

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