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Master of Masters

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Master of Masters
Master of Masters XBC.png
Masutā obu Masutā
Voice Actors
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"'May your heart be your guiding key.' I say it all the time; you ultimately need to do what your heart feels is right."
The Master of MastersKingdom Hearts χ Back Cover

The Master of Masters is a Keyblade master who watches over the World with a watchful eye, and the master of Ira, Aced, Invi, Gula, Ava, and Luxu in Kingdom Hearts χ. The author of the Book of Prophecies, he can see the future, but his true motives are unknown.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts χ[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind[edit | edit source]

Design and Development[edit | edit source]

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