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Transcript:Kingdom Hearts III/Chapter III: Twilight Town/Heart Within a Heart

From Kingdom Hearts Database

The Kingdom Hearts 3 logo appears for 4 seconds on a black screen. The 3 friends enter Twilight Town, with a shot of them walking down on a road.

Goofy: Garwsh, we forgot to fill Master Yen Sid in on what happened. Should we go back?

Donald Duck: Typical Sora.

Sora: Hmm.... You mean about Maleficent and Xigbar? No. The others have already got enough on their plates as it is. Why go stressing them out? The three of us know how to handle a couple of old adversaries, right?

Donald Duck: Yeah, I guess...

Goofy: But doesn't that thing Pete said bother ya?

Donald Duck: The black box?

Sora: Come on, we're talking about Pete. That means it's probably no big deal.

Goofy: I don't know....

Sora: Oh, cool. The trams are still here!!!

Donald Duck: Sora, it hasn't been THAT long.

Sora: Feels like it.

Goofy: Maybe you're feeling what Roxas feels 'cause he misses home.

Sora: Mm-hmm. Actually, I ran into Roxas in the Sleeping Worlds. It was like....seeing into his heart for the first time.

Donald Duck: And he was in the datascape, too.

Goofy: Uh-huh. It was a test to see if your data version was ready to face the hurt that ya carry inside.

Sora: Was I ready? I do know hurt. When I lost Riku and Kairi, and later when I lost the Keyblade, and you guys had to go on without me like that.....Having no one to turn to was the worst kind of hurt. But that just shows how much you mean to me. Carrying around a little hurt can't be all that bad. Hurting is part of caring.

Donald Duck: He sounds like Data-Sora did.

Goofy: Of course. Any Sora's still Sora.

Sora: So, wait.....If Roxas feels something, then we're in the right place. Roxas, I'm gonna find you!!!

Suddenly, the words "Do you seek our liege?" come on in front a black screen for 2 seconds.

Sora: Huh?

Donald Duck: What is it?

The Dusk Nobodies come out from behind.

Goofy: Nobodies!!!!

After fighting the Dusk Nobodies, Sora crosses his arms, thinking.

Sora: Hmm....what was that voice? I know I heard it.

Donald Duck: I didn't hear it.

Goofy: You sure it wasn't the wind? Or somethin' else?

Sora: I'm pretty sure.....

Hayner: Where'd they come from?!

Olette: Get the ice cream later!!!!

Pence: What? Hold up!!!!

Sora: See? Voices. ....New ones? What? Hayner? Pence!!! Olette!!!!

As Hayner, Pence, and Olette run past them, they see a Demon Tide coming towards them.

Goofy: What is THAT?!

Hayner: Heeeeey, Sora!!!! Hello, goodbye.

Sora: Go!!!! We got this.

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