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Transcript:Kingdom Hearts III/Chapter VIII: The Caribbean/The Sandbar Meeting

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The Sandbar Meeting is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Barbossa, Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow are walking shoulder-to-shoulder across a small sandbar towards Will Turner, Cutler Beckett and Davy Jones, the latter of whom is standing in a small bucket of seawater. They stop a few feet in front of them.

Cutler Beckett: "You made a deal with me, Jack, to deliver the pirates. And here they are. Don't be bashful. Step up. Claim your reward."

Barbossa and Elizabeth turn to look at Jack, who sputters briefly.

Davy Jones: "Sparrow! Your debt to me is still to be satisfied. One hundred years in servitude aboard the Dutchman. As a start."

Jack Sparrow: "That debt was paid, mate."

Davy Jones: "You escaped."

Elizabeth Swann: "I propose an exchange. Will leaves with us... and you can take Jack."

Will Turner: "Done."

Jack Sparrow: "Undone."

Cutler Beckett: "Done."

Barbossa: "Jack's one of the nine Pirate Lords. You have no right."

Elizabeth Swann: "King."

Jack Sparrow: "As you command, your nibs."

Barbossa: "Scurvy blackguard!"

Barbossa draws his sword and slices Jack's piece of eight off his bandana.

Jack Sparrow: "Easy there, mate. You wouldn't want to damage the leverage, now would you?"

Jack walks towards Beckett and Barbossa picks up the piece of eight.

Cutler Beckett: "Now..."

Will begins to walk towards Elizabeth, passing Jack. Jack stops in front of Beckett. Beckett gestures for him to stand next to Davy Jones. Jack does so, fidgeting uncomfortable as Jones glowers at him. Beckett steps forward.

Cutler Beckett: "Adivse your Brethren. You can fight, and all of you will die. Or you can not fight, in which case only most of you will die."

Elizabeth steps forward.

Elizabeth Swann: "We will fight. And you will die."

Elizabeth turns and walks away, with Barbossa and Will following.

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