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Transcript:Kingdom Hearts III/Chapter XIV: The Keyblade Graveyard/From Chains to Bonds

From Kingdom Hearts Database

A spire of darkness shoots into the air as Terra-Xehanort is defeated.

Aqua and Ventus: Terra!

Terra-Xehanort: Aqua... Ven...

Aqua: Terra, please...

Ventus: Come back... Terra!

Sora: Terra! Your friends are here!

Chains shoot out of Terra-Xehanort and grab Aqua, Ventus, and Sora.

Aqua: Terra!

Ventus: Terra!

Sora: You have to fight the darkness!

Terra-Xehanort: You'll never be able to break these chains. They're our bonds. You have no power over me!

Terra-Xehanort begins swinging Aqua and Ventus around.

Sora: Stop, Terra! Please, stop it!

Terra-Xehanort: Farewell.

Sora: No!

Ventus: Terra... I kept my promise.

Terra-Xehanort drops Aqua and Ventus, but the Dark Figure saves them and breaks the chains.

Terra-Xehanort: How?! You fell to the dark-

The Dark Figure appears behind Terra-Xehanort and grabs him. It pulls off the bandages on its face.

Dark Figure: One day... I...will... set...this...right... One day...I will set...this right... I will return to this land...

Terra appears

Terra: and friends!

Sora: Terra! Now!

A beam of light shoots out of Sora's Keyblade and hits Terra-Xehanort. Terra's heart is released from the Dark Figure and enters his body. Terra is restored to normal.

Terra: Aqua! Ven!

Aqua: Terra... Is it you?

Terra: Yeah. You never stopped lighting my way back.

Ventus: You're here...

Terra: I heard you too, Ven. You found me, just like you promised. Thank you.

The three embrace each other.

Sora: Aqua and Ventus need rest. Terra, look after them.

Ventus: No, Sora. I'm going too.

Sora: That's what he wants. For us to make a mistake. Put ourselves in danger.

Aqua: Sora, go. We'll catch up with you.

Sora: Right. I got this.

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