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Transcript:Kingdom Hearts III/Chapter XIV: The Keyblade Graveyard/Riku and Riku

From Kingdom Hearts Database

A spire of darkness shoots into the air as Dark Riku is defeated.

Dark Riku: You're not...real...

Riku: Huh?

Dark Riku: I'm...the real one...

Riku: Aren't you my past self? From when Ansem possessed me?

Riku Replica leaves Riku's body.

Riku Replica: No, you beat Ansem and you're still here. This me!

Riku Replica plunges his hand is Dark Riku's chest, revealing him to be a replica.

Riku Replica: I knew it. It's a replica. A soon-to-be empty vessel. I've been waiting for a chance like this.

Riku Replica extracts Dark Riku from the replica.

Riku: Hey! What are you doing? Take the vessel!

Riku Replica: No. The world already has you. There's someone else who needs the replica more. You know who I mean.

Riku: Naminé. You're saving her.

Flahback to Riku Replica protecting Naminé.

Riku Replica: Good luck.

Riku Replica and Dark Riku fade away.

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