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Transcript:Kingdom Hearts III/Chapter XIV: The Keyblade Graveyard/The Last Light

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Saïx sends Sora and Kairi flying.

Lea: Stop it! Isa!

Saïx is about to defeat Lea when Xemnas appears.

Lea: Xemnas...

Xemnas: There was a time when I trusted you to deal with traitors. And now, your betrayal outstrips them all. What final words do you have for your superior?

Lea: Well, let me think about it. How about, "You were never my superior."

Xemnas: Ah, ever the rogue pawn. Knocked from the board early in the game. Utterly useless and forgotten.

Lea: You kidding? Do you know how popular I am? I got loads of people rootin' for me. Sorry, boss. No one axes Axel. Got it memorized?

Lea leaps toward Xemnas, but Xemnas grabs his Keyblade.

Xemnas: Is this supposed to be a Keyblade? Or is it some sort of joke?

Xemnas dissolves Lea's Keyblade. Xemnas starts shooting Lea with Ethereal Blades. He then summons one into his hand.

Xemnas: Our plans have been dashed by you... far more times than I care to count. Now it ends. I will purge that light in you... with darkness!

The hooded figure grabs Xemnas' blade before he can kill Lea.

Xemnas: Changing sides again?

???: We need him alive. You know that.

Xemnas: We only need his heart in order to forge the key. We do not need his soul. Oh... but that's right. You were "friends." take his life.

Lea: Who...are you...?

The figure points their Keyblade at Lea, but Sora stops them.

Sora: Don't do this.

The hooded figure attacks Sora.

Sora: Wait... It's all right! You can stop now! It's all right... Xion.

Xion begins crying as Xemnas teleports to her.

Xemnas: Useless puppet.

Xemnas kicks her into Sora, knocking them down and unhooding Xion.

Lea: Xion!

Xemnas prepares to kill Xion, but Lea grabs his leg.

Xemnas: Your Keyblade is no more. And still you think you can play at being a guardian of light? You can wait your turn...also-ran.

A heart leaves Sora's body as someone comes crashing down from the sky.

???: Hands off my friends.

Xemnas: It cannot be!

The dust clears as Roxas is revealed to be the newcomer.

Lea: Roxas...

Roxas: My turn.

Xion: Roxas...

Xemnas: This is impossible. Where did you get a vessel?

Roxas: Same as you.

Xemnas: Same how...?

Roxas: Most of the Organization's members- they traveled here from the past as hearts. And you had replicas ready and waiting. One for each of them.

Xemnas: Who told you?

Roxas: I owe my return to many. Some of them people you knew.

Xemnas: Ansem the Wise. Zexion...

Roxas: And others, too. It seems you're not as good at winning over people's hearts as you think.

Xemnas: Ah, I see...

Roxas: There was one last thing I needed in order for me to be whole again. A connection. Sora helped me find my way back here... to my friends.

Sora: Roxas...

Xemnas: I don't need hearts. I will scatter them all to the winds!

Xemnas teleports to Kairi and grabs her.

Sora: Kairi!

Kairi: Sora!

Xemnas: What difference does one little light make? You have others. Just as we have more darknesses to replenish our ranks.

Xemnas leaves through a corridor of darkness.

Xion: Rest, Axel. Roxas will fight in your place. And I'll fight for Kairi.

Lea: Yeah... When it comes to Keyblades, you're the old hands.

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