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Transcript:Kingdom Hearts III/Chapter XIV: The Keyblade Graveyard/You Admit It

From Kingdom Hearts Database

A spire of darkness shoots into the air as Saïx is defeated.

Saïx: sad?

Lea: You let them reduce you to this?

Saïx: I outgrew the marks under your eyes.

Lea: So?

Saïx: You you need them...

Lea: Stop it. The whole act. I thought this was all for her.

Saïx: At first. I sacrificed everything to try and track her down. You're the one who went off and made other friends. Left her and me both in the dust. It infuriated me how you just exited our lives. I lost...all sense of purpose...

Lea: I didn't forget you.

Saïx: Yes...I know. You wouldn't do that. But... I was jealous.

Lea: You admit it.

Saïx: Well, if I make it won't get it out of me a second time.

Lea: See you, Isa.

Saïx: See you, Lea.

Saïx fades away.

Lea: You go help Kairi.

Sora: Right. Gotta run! Good luck.

Lea: All right. What now?

Xion begins crying.

Lea: Guess I...shoulda brought some ice cream.

Lea, Roxas, and Xion all hug each other and cry in happiness.

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