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Ienzo Checks In

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"Ienzo Checks In" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy travel on the Gummi Ship. Sora is visibly impatient.

Sora: "We should go to the realm of darkness!"

Donald Duck: "No way!"

Goofy: "You can't go there until you get the power of waking!"

Sora: "But come on, we have to do something! If we don't act, the Organization's gonna win!"

Jiminy: "Sora, do you even know how to get to the realm of darkness?"

Sora: "Well, Riku and the King do."

Sora pulls out his Gummiphone.

Donald Duck: "They won't tell you."

Goofy: "Nope, not until you complete your own mission."

Sora yells in defeat. The Gummiphone begins to ring.

Sora: "Huh?"

Donald Duck and Goofy (excited): "The King?"

Sora (excited): "Riku?"

Sora answers the Gummiphone.

Ienzo: "Is this a bad time?"

Sora, Donald, and Goofy groan in disappointment.

Sora: "Ienzo."

Ienzo: "So, I have some news about Ansem's Code and the replica we need for Roxas's heart."

Jiminy: "Oh!"

Sora: "And...?"

Ienzo: "First, the replica. Even is still missing, but we found some of his research. I'll see what I can learn from it."

Jiminy (bowing): "You've got our thanks."

Ienzo: "As for Ansem the Wise's data, we've discovered a very interesting passage. I'll read you exactly what he wrote. "I have discovered three unique hearts inside of Sora's. One is Roxas. The second has been with Sora for nearly as long. And a third has resided in Sora's heart for even longer—most of his life, in fact. This is a truly astonishing discovery. While these hearts have now melded with Sora--grown silent and indistinct—Sora retains the memories of all three. The memories have been compartmentalized—each placed in its own 'box,' so to speak. I surmise the hearts can be awoken, provided that each of them is returned to the box that contains the correct memories. Unite the heart with its memories, and provide it a suitable body within which it may flourish, and I believe any or all three of these people can be made real again.""

Sora: "Roxas and two more?"

Jiminy: "Who else?"

Sora begins to think, then looks back up.

Sora: "Oh. Thanks, Ienzo."

Ienzo: "Certainly. Take care."

Ienzo hangs up.

Donald Duck: "Three different hearts..."

Goofy: "One of them's Roxas. The other one must be Ventus."

Donald Duck: "You're gonna believe what Vanitas said?"

Goofy: "Well,'s kinda all we got to go on."

Goofy (to Sora): "Sora, do you know who the third one might be?"

Sora (shaking his head): "Uh-uh."

Donald Duck (teasing): "'Cause Sora can't count."

Sora: "Hey! That's not related."

Sora, Donald, and Goofy begin to laugh.

Sora: "Donald..."

Video[edit | edit source]

Ienzo Checks In

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