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An Unexpected Encounter

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"An Unexpected Encounter" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Ansem the Wise: "Tell me, will you stay here?"

Aqua: "I can't shake the feeling that these waters touch another shore I've visited."

Ansem the Wise: "The Destiny Islands."

Aqua: "You've heard of them?"

Ansem the Wise: "Yes. They are quite lovely—a far cry from this wasteland."

Aqua: "I'm staying. Someone will come for me."

Ansem the Wise: "These waters are the in-between of dark and light, its shores the margins of day and night. They brought you and I together, so why not also you and another?"

Aqua: "Yes."


Someone approaches the shore behind Aqua and Ansem the Wise.}}

Aqua: "Who's there?"

Ansem approaches the two.

Ansem the Wise: "You..."

Ansem Seeker of Darkness: "Master... I must have a word with you."

Ansem the Wise removes his hood.

Ansem the Wise: ""Master"? So now you mock me."

Ansem continues his approach towards Ansem the Wise.

Ansem Seeker of Darkness: "Do you recall those experiments of the heart you bade me cease? Among the test subjects was a girl. She had lost her memory, just as I had. But... you can reconstruct memories. You did with Sora. I believe you have seen the girl's memories."

Ansem the Wise: "What is your question?"

Ansem Seeker of Darkness: "Where did you put the girl?"

Ansem the Wise: "What girl?"

Ansem Seeker of Darkness: "Very well. If you won't tell me here..."

Ansem reaches out to grab Ansem the Wise, but his hand is pushed away by Aqua.

Aqua: "I think you should go."

Ansem Seeker of Darkness: "A lost guardian of light? You wait here... for the King and his fool."

Ansem summons the Dark Figure, which attacks Aqua, causing her to fall back.

Ansem the Wise: "Where's your Keyblade?"

Aqua: "Don't need it!"

Aqua charges at the Dark Figure, kicking it before launching away. The Dark Figure grabs Aqua by her ankle. Ansem the Wise runs up towards Ansem and Aqua.

Ansem the Wise: "No more! I'll go."

Ansem Seeker of Darkness: "You are wise."

Aqua escapes the Dark Figure's hold and attacks Ansem, who blocks her attack with his arm.

Ansem the Wise: "Poor thing. I mustn't leave you with nothing."

The Dark Figure summons an orb of darkness and launches it at Aqua, throwing her out into the water, where she begins to sink. Ansem the Wise falls on his knees in despair. Aqua begins to feel something forming in her chest as she continues to fall deep into the water.

Aqua: "What... is this feeling?"

Video[edit | edit source]

An Unexpected Encounter

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