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Transcript:Kingdom Hearts III/Interval VI-1: The Mysterious Tower/A Quick Review

From Kingdom Hearts Database

Sora, Donald, and Goofy opens the door and make their to Yen Sid's tower

Sora: Sorry we're late.

King Mickey: It's okay. You got here as fast as you could.

Sora Started To Explain What's Happening

Sora: The Organization claims to HAVE their thirteen darknesses.

King Mickey: Do we believe it's true?

Sora: Umm... I don't know, But there's something else they keep mentioning. They're after a 'New Seven Hearts' which seems to be code for "Let's go bothered some more princesses".

Master Yen Sid: Well, as the original princesses of hearts' time for protecting the pure light has ended, they have passed the light to others. Our enemy must certainly be cognizant of this. If the 'New Seven Hearts' is what they wish to call them, so be it.

Sora: But Kairi hasn't passed on her power. Is she one of the new seven?

King Mickey: She must be. But she, she chose to wield a Keyblade and fight with us as one of the guardians of light.

Sora: Yeah.

Donald Duck: We haven't found Terra yet.

Goofy: Hey, at least we've tracked down Ventus. Vanitas told us that he's inside Sora's heart.

Jiminy Cricket: And so did Ansem the Wise in his data, so it almost certainly must be true.

Goofy and Donald Nods In Agreement

King Mickey: That's great! Now we can rescue Ven.

Riku: Maybe, except Aqua's the only one who knows where he's hidden, We still have to find her first.

After a pause, Sora's heart started to beat once and suddenly declared

Sora: I'll go.

Goofy and Donald: What?!

King Mickey: Is that wise?

Master Yen Sid: You need the power of waking, Sora. Do you have it?

Sora: Uh... No? Probably not.

Master Yen Sid: Without that power, You are not ready to face the realm of darkness.

Sora: C'mon...

Riku started to laugh

Sora: What's so funny?

Riku: Sorry. Master Yen Sid knows you little too well. He said you'd try to stage a Half-baked rescue.

Goofy and Donald started to laugh as well. followed by the king

Sora: Yeah! Laugh it up!

Riku: Sora, I know you're volunteering because you're worried--about me and Mickey.

Sora: Yeah...

Riku places his hand on Sora's shoulder

Riku: Well, thanks. But the power of waking's important. You can come to the rescue once you've got it. Sound fair?

Sora: Yeah. Alright. But Be Safe. No reckless stunts.

Riku nods

Riku: Yes, Sir.

Goofy and Donald move aside to whisper softly to each other

Donald: Sora's the reckless one.

Jiminy: No, not exactly. He just doesn't think.

Goofy: If only he listened to Master Yen Sid the way he listens to Riku. That would be a good start.

Sora: I'm listening now.

Everyone but Sora chuckles

Master Yen Sid: Very Good. Sora will continue his journey to builds his powers, while Mickey and Riku will focus on the search for Aqua.

They stand at attention

Sora, Donald, Goofy, Riku & Mickey: Yes, Sir.

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