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KH BBS Bosses

Track Boss
Future Masters Terra, Aqua, Ventus
The Tumbling Wheel Master (Enchanted Dominion), Wheel Master (Weaver Feaver)
Unforgettable Symphony Master, Mad Treant, Trinity Armor (Radiant Garden), Iron Imprisoner I (Day of Reckoning), Cursed Coach (Wheels of Misfortune), Iron Imprisoner II (Sinister Sentinel), Mimic Master (Dead Ringer), Trinity Armor (Combined Threat), Iron Imprisoner III (Harsh Punishment), Mimic Master (Copycat Crisis), Iron Imprisoner III (Keepers of the Arena), Iron Imprisoner IV (Keepers of the Arena), Iron Imprisoner I (Villians' Vendetta), Cursed Coach (Villians' Vendetta), Wheel Master (Villians' Vendetta), Iron Imprisoner II (Villians' Vendetta), Ice Colossus (Villians' Vendetta), Iron Imprisoner III (Villians' Vendetta), Trinity Armor (Villians' Vendetta), Iron Imprisoner IV (Villians' Vendetta),
The Encounter Maleficent, Dragon Maleficent, Gantu, Ice Colossus (A Time to Chill), Captain Hook
Rowdy Rumble Lucifer
Extreme Encounters Cursed Coach (Castle of Dreams), Zack (Terra: Controlled)
Vim and Vigor Spirit of the Magic Mirror (Terra), Spirit of the Magic Mirror (Aqua), Experiment 221, Peter Pan
Enter the Darkness Vanitas (Badlands), Vanitas (Radiant Garden), Vanitas (Neverland), Vanitas (Keyblade Graveyard: Masked)
Black Powder Braig (Radiant Garden), Master Xehanort/Vanitas, Master Xehanort
Shrouding Dark Cloud Zack (Terra: Soldier), Zack (Aqua)
Destiny's Force Ice Colossus/Hades
Monstrous Monstro -Arena Ver.- Monstro
Terra Master Eraqus
- Another Side -Battle Ver.- Dark Braig
Rage Awakened Terra-Xehanort
The Key Ventus-Vanitas
Unbreakable Chains Vanitas (Keyblade Graveyard: Unmasked)
Master, Tell Me the Truth Armor of Eraqus
Forze dell'Oscurita No Heart
Enter the Void Vanitas Remnant
Dark Impetus Mysterious Figure (Young Xehanort)
Hunter of the Dark Dark Hide

KH Bosses

Track Boss
Destati Darkside (Dive to the Heart), Behemoth (Final Dimension)[KH], Arc Behemoth (Final Dimension)[KHFM], Behemoth (Linked Worlds)[KH], Arc Behemoth (Linked Worlds)[KHFM], Darkside (End of the World)
Bustin' up on the Beach Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, Tidus/Wakka/Selphie, Riku (Destiny Islands)
Destiny's Force Darkside (Destiny Islands: Storm-tossed Island), Genie-Jafar/Iago, Parasite Cage (Stomach), Oogie's Manor, Behemoth (Dark Depths), Phantom, Ice Titan
Night of Fate Leon
Shrouding Dark Cloud Guard Armor, Trickmaster, Cloud (Preliminaries), Opposite Armor, Pot Centipede, Parasite Cage (Bowels), AntiSora,
Welcome to Wonderland Crank Tower/Card Soldiers/Queen of Hearts
Having a Wild Time Sabor (Treehouse), Sabor (Random Encounters), Sabor (Bamboo Forest), Clayton
Squirming Evil Clayton/Stealth Sneak, Cerberus (Preliminaries), Jafar/Genie, Ursula/Flotsam/Jetsam, Oogie Boogie, Captain Hook, Maleficent, Hades, Chernabog[1]
Arabian Dream Cave of Wonders Guardian
Go For It! Yuffie/Leon (Pegasus Cup), Cloud (Hercules Cup), Hercules (Hercules Cup), Yuffie (Hades Cup), Behemoth (Hades Cup)[KH], Destroyed Behemoth[KHFM], Cerberus (Hades Cup), Cloud/Leon (Hades Cup)
An Adventure in Atlantica Glut
The Deep End Giant Ursula, Dragon Maleficent, Rock Titan, Ansem (End of the World: Homecoming), Kurt Zisa
Spooks of Halloween Town Lock/Shock/Barrel
Scherzo Di Notte Riku (Entrance Hall)
Forze del Male Riku-Ansem, Ansem (End of the World: Homecoming Crater)
One-Winged Angel Sepiroth
Disappeared Unknown (Xemnas)
A Night on Bare Mountain[2] Chernabog[3]
Guardando nel Buio Ansem (World of Chaos)

KH CoM Bosses

Track Boss
Struggle Away Guard Armor, Trickmaster, Parasite Cage, Darkside
The 13th Struggle Axel (1st Floor), Larxene (5th Floor), Vexen (9th Floor), Vexen (Twilight Town), Larxene (11th Floor), Axel, (13th Floor), Vexen (Basement 11th Floor), Lexaeus (Basement 5th Floor), Zexion (Destiny Islands)
Face It! Cloud[KH CoM], Ursula[KH CoM],
Go for It! Cloud[KH Re:CoM]
The Fight for my Friends Hades, Genie-Jafar/Iago, Oogie Boogie, Ursula[KH Re:CoM], Captain Hook, Dragon Maleficent
The Force in You Riku Replica (6th Floor), Riku Replica (7th Floor), Riku Replica (10th Floor), Riku Replica (12th Floor), Riku Replica (Basement 9th Floor), Riku Replica (Twilight Town)
Graceful Assassin Marluxia (13th Floor)
Scythe of Petals Marluxia (2nd Form)
Lord of the Castle Marluxia (Final Form)
Revenge of Chaos Ansem

KH Days Bosses

Track Boss
Destiny's Force Darkside, Dark Follower, Novashadow
Shrouding Dark Cloud Veil Lizard, Antlion, Guard Armor, Xion (Wonderland)
Rowdy Rumble Pete
Vim and Vigor Infernal Engine, Leechgrave, Xion (Halloween Town)
Spooks of Halloween Town Lock/Shock/Barrel
Fight and Away Crimson Pranksters, Ruler of the Sky, Dustflier, Xion (Agrabah)
Tension Rising Phantomtail
Critical Drive Saïx, Anti-Saïx
Vector to the Heavens Xion (Twilight Town)
- Another Side -Battle Ver. Riku, Anti-Riku

KHII Bosses

Track Boss
Tension Rising Twilight Thorn, Beast, Water Clones
Sinister Sundown Seifer (Stuggle against Roxas), Seifer (Back Alley against Roxas), Hayner, Vivi, Setzer, Shadow Roxas
13th Struggle Axel (Struggle), Axel (Mansion), Riku (Land of Dragons), Luxord, Data-Axel, Data-Luxord,
Vim and Vigor Shan-Yu/Hayabusa, Cerberus (Story), Hades (Story: Invincible), Barbossa/Illuminator
Dance to the Death Possessor/Thresholder, Prison Keeper
Desire for All That is Lost Dark Thorn, Hydra, Pete/TR Pete Dual fight, Blizzard Lord/Fire Lord
Rowdy Rumble Hades (Escape), Pete (Underworld), Timeless River Pete, Pete (Steamboat), Ed/Shenzi/Banzai (Pride Rock), Ed/Shenzi/Banzai (Elephant Graveyard), Lock/Shock/Barrel
Beneath the Ground Leon/Yuffie (Pain and Panic Cup), Cerberus (Cerberus Cup), Hercules (Titan Cup), Hades (Goddess of Fate Cup), Volcanic Lord (Hades Paradox Cup), Tifa/Yuffie (Hades Paradox Cup), Blizzard Lord (Hades Paradox Cup), Pete (Hades Paradox Cup), Cloud/Tifa (Hades Paradox Cup), Hades (Hades Paradox Cup Round 30), Cloud/Leon (Hades Paradox Cup), Cerberus (Hades Paradox Cup), Leon/Yuffie/Cloud/Tifa (Hades Pardox Cup), Hades (Hades Paradox Cup Round 50).
The 13th Reflection Zexion (Absent Silhouette), Larxene (Absent Silhouette), Vexen (Absent Silhouette), Lexaeus (Absent Silhouette), Marluxia (Absent Silhouette),
Working Together Seifer (vs Sora)
Arabian Dream Jafar (Shadow)
The Encounter Oogie Boogie, Scar, Hades (Story: with Hercules), Jafar (Genie), Sark/MCP
The Corrupted Hostile Program, Storm Rider, Grim Reaper (Harbor), Groundshaker, The Experiment
The 13th Dilemma Demyx, Xaldin, Xigbar, Saïx, Data-Demyx, Data-Xaldin, Data-Xigbar, Data-Saïx
Sinister Shadows 1000 Heartless, Grim Reaper (Black Pearl), Sark
One-Winged Angel Sephiroth
Ursula's Revenge Ursula
The Other Promise Roxas, Data-Roxas
Disappeared Xemnas (Memory's Skyscraper)
A Fight to the Death Xemnas (Energy Core), Xemnas (Armored Controller)
Darkness of the Unknown Xemnas (Dragon), Xemnas (Armored Controller), Xemnas (Armored Xemnas), Xemnas (Final)
Rage Awakened Lingering Will

KH Coded Bosses

Track Boss
Destiny's Force Darkside (Destiny Islands), Darkside (Datascape), Sora's Heartless (Darkside)
Shrouding Dark Cloud Guard Armor
Tension Rising Trickmaster
Go For It! Cloud
Fight and Away Cerberus, Jafar (Alley), Jafar (Lamp Chamber)
Vim and Vigor Hades, Genie-Jafar, Dragon Maleficent
Rowdy Rumble Pete (Hollow Bastion)
Forgotten Challenge Pete (Castle Oblivion)
Riku Data-Riku
Destati Sora's Heartless (AntiSora)
Roxas ??? (Roxas)

KHDDD Bosses

Track Boss
Night of Fate Ursula
UNTAMABLE Hockomonkey (Brute: Fifth District), Hockomonkey (Mage), Holey Moley, Spellican (Traverse Town), Hockomonkey (Spellican), Wargoyle (Spellican), Char Clobster (Spellican)
Wild Blue Queen Buzzerfly (La Cité des Cloches), Wargoyle (Sora:La Cité des Cloches), Wargoyle (La Cité des Cloches), Brawlamari (The Grid), Brawlamari (Country of the Musketeers), Queen Buzzerfly (The World that Never Was)
Rinzler Recompiled Rinzler
Keyblade Cycle Commantis (Keyblade Cycle)
Gigabyte Mantis Commantis (Portal)
Ice-hot Lobster Char Clawbster, Chill Clawbster
Shrouding Dark Cloud Tyranto Rex
Rowdy Rumble Pete/Beagle Boys
Night on Bare Moutain Chernabog
L'Apprenti Sorcier Spellican (Symphony of Sorcery)
L'Oscurità dell'Ignoto Xemnas
L'Emineza Oscura I Ansem
L'Emineza Oscura II Guardian
L'Impeto Oscuro Young Xehanort
The Eye of Darkness Armored Ventus Nightmare
The Encounter Julius

KH 0.2

Track Boss
Night of Tragedy Demon Tower (Castle Town), Demon Tower (Depths of Darkness), Demon Tower (Zodiac Mirror)
Aqua -Battle ver.- [4] Phantom Aqua (Mirror 1), Phantom Aqua (Mirror 2), Phantom Aqua (Mirror 3), Phantom Aqua (Zodiac Mirror)
Destiny's Force Darkside (Forest of Thorns: Rocky Path), Darkside (Zodiac Mirror)
Destati Darkside (Forest of Thorns: Path's End)
Wave of Darkness Demon Tide

KHIII Bosses

Due to the nature of this game having transitioning soundtracks and an unreleased OST, this table is not completely accurate and none of the names are official.

Track Boss
Fragments of Sorrow (Destati) Darkside (Dive to the Heart), Darkside (Scala ad Caelum)
The Encounter Rock Troll, Metal Troll
??? Rock Titan, Flying Dutchman/Kraken
The Deep End Rock Titan
Titan Boss Ice Titan/Lava Titan/Wind Titan, Wind Titan, Marshmallow
Night of Tragedy Demon Tower (Dark World)
Wave of Darkness Demon Tide (Twilight Town), Demon Tide (Keyblade Graveyard), Anti-Aqua/Demon Tide, Anti-Aqua (Re Mind battle)
Rowdy Rumble Chaos Carriage
The Consuming Dark Grim Guardianess, Sköll, Dark Inferno, Dark Inferno χ
The Corrupted Supreme Smashers, Luxord's Race
Tension Rising Angelic Amber
Shrouding Dark Cloud Gigas (Verum Rex: Beat of Lead)
King of Toys King of Toys
Unforgettable Lump of Horror
??? Davy Jones, Dark Baymax
Vim and Vigor Raging Vulture, Catastrochorus
Sinister Shadows Darkubes, Battle of 1000 enemies
Enter the Darkness Vanitas (Land of Depature), Vanitas (Keyblade Graveyard)
Lord of the Castle ver. 1 Marluxia/Larxene/Luxord (With Xemnas), Marluxia, Larxene, Marluxia/Larxene
13th Struggle Luxord (With Marluxia and Larxene)
Forze Del Male ver. 1 Xigbar/Dark Riku/Ansem, Dark Riku
The 13th Dilemma Xigbar/Dark Riku, Xigbar
A Fight to the Death Saïx/Xion
The Other Promise/Vector to the Heavens Saïx, Saïx/Xemnas
???/Rage Awakened Vanitas/Terra-Xehanort, Terra-Xehanort (Twist of Isolation)
Enter the Darkness ver. 1 Vanitas
Darkness of the Unknown/L'impeto Oscuro/Guardando nel Buio Young Xehanort/Ansem/Xemnas, Young Xehanort/Ansem, Xemnas/Young Xehanort, Ansem/Xemnas, Young Xehanort, Ansem, Xemnas
Scala ad Caelum Battle theme Replica Xehanorts, Replica Xehanorts (Guardians of Light)
??? Armored Xehanort (Land), Armored Xehanort (Sea), Armored Xehanort (Air), Armored Xehanort (with Kairi)
??? Master Xehanort
Dismiss ver. 1 Terra-Xehanort (Re Mind battle)
??? Data-Master Xehanort
L'Emineza Oscura Data-Ansem
L'Emineza Oscura Data-Xemnas
The 13th Dilemma ver. 1 Data-Xigbar
The 13th Struggle ver. 1 Data-Luxord
The 13th Struggle ver. 2 Data-Larxene
Lord of the Castle ver. 2 Data-Marluxia
The 13th Dilemma ver. 2 Data-Saïx
Dismiss ver. 2 Data-Terra-Xehanort
Forze Del Male ver. 2 Data-Riku Replica
Enter the Darkness ver. 2 Data-Vanitas
L'impeto Oscuro Data-Young Xehanort
Vector to the Heavens Data-Xion
??? Yozora


  1. Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts only.
  2. or "A Night on Bald Mountain"
  3. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and International releases of "Kingdom Hearts" only.
  4. unofficial title
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