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KH icon.png text

Usage[edit | edit source]

 |corners       = radius of corners in pixels
 |bordercorners = radius of border corners in pixels
 |borderwidth   = border width in pixels
 |bordercolor   = border color
 |imagebg       = image background color
 |imagepadding  = image padding in pixels
 |image         = image
 |textbg        = text background color
 |textpadding   = text padding in pixels
 |textsize      = font size in points
 |textcolor     = font color
 |text          = text

Examples[edit | edit source]

|image=[[File:KH3D icon.png|x50px]]
|textpadding=0px 0px 0px 15
|text=Testing, testing
KH3D icon.png Testing, testing

|bordercorners=0px 15px 15px 0
|corners=0px 15px 15px 0
|image=[[File:KHDatabase Community Portal tile (Metrolook).png|x50px]]
|text=This user uses the Community Portal!
KHDatabase Community Portal tile (Metrolook).png This user uses the Community Portal!