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Walkthrough:Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory/Destiny Islands/Destiny Islands

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Kingdom Hearts
"Destiny Islands"
Destiny Islands (Stage Summary) MOM.png
Challenge LV
Beginner difficulty icon MOM.png 1
Max Chain
Max Performer Mode
Performer Mode HUD icon MOM.png 32
Challenge LV
Standard difficulty icon MOM.png 5
Max Chain
Max Performer Mode
Performer Mode HUD icon MOM.png 42
Challenge LV
Proud difficulty icon MOM.png 10
Max Chain
Max Performer mode
Performer Mode HUD icon MOM.png 59
Star color
Green Star (World Tour) MOM.png Green
  • Clear without items.
  • Score 5200000 points or higher.
  • Get 70% or higher Good or better ratings.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

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