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Walkthrough:Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory/Trophies

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This is a table of the trophies in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory and their requirements.

Name Description PSN Grade Xbox Gamerscore
Melody of Memory Complete Master trophy MOM.png Melody of Memory Complete Master Obtain all trophies. Platinum
World Adventurer trophy MOM.png World Adventurer Clear all songs in a world. Bronze
Confronting the Enemy trophy MOM.png Confronting the Enemy Clear a Boss Battle Music Stage. Bronze
Connected Tones trophy MOM.png Connected Tones Get a Full Chain. Bronze
Prelude to Battle trophy MOM.png Prelude to Battle Defeat a COM opponent. Bronze
Diverging Paths trophy MOM.png Diverging Paths Use every team at least once. Bronze
Memory Collector trophy MOM.png Memory Collector Unlock all Story Archive movies. Silver
Melody's End trophy MOM.png Melody's End Clear the game and view the ending. Gold
Beginner Player trophy MOM.png Beginner Player Clear 50 songs on Beginner. Bronze
Standard Player trophy MOM.png Standard Player Clear 50 songs on Standard. Bronze
Proud Player trophy MOM.png Proud Player Clear 50 songs on Proud. Bronze
Beginner Chain Master trophy MOM.png Beginner Chain Master Clear 50 songs with a Full Chain on Beginner. Bronze
Standard Chain Master trophy MOM.png Standard Chain Master Clear 50 songs with a Full Chain on Standard. Bronze
Proud Chain Master trophy MOM.png Proud Chain Master Clear 50 songs with a Full Chain on Proud. Bronze
Enemy Sweeper trophy MOM.png Enemy Sweeper Defeat 10,000 enemies. Bronze
Enemy Breaker trophy MOM.png Enemy Breaker Defeat 50,000 enemies. Silver
Enemy Buster trophy MOM.png Enemy Buster Defeat 100,000 enemies. Gold
High Score Hunter trophy MOM.png High Score Hunter Achieve a total score of 500,000,000. Bronze
High Score Master trophy MOM.png High Score Master Achieve a total score of 2,000,000,000. Silver
Rhythm Point Hoarder trophy MOM.png Rhythm Point Hoarder Collect 50,000 Rhythm Points. Bronze
That's My Jam trophy MOM.png That's My Jam Play the same Music Stage 10 times. Bronze
Item Master trophy MOM.png Item Master Use 100 items. Bronze
Treasure Hunter trophy MOM.png Treasure Hunter Find 100 treasure chests. Bronze
Item Hunter trophy MOM.png Item Hunter Obtain 10,000 items from Music Stages. Bronze
Unbreaking Melody trophy MOM.png Unbreaking Melody Play 100 Music Stages. Bronze
Bonds of Friendship trophy MOM.png Bonds of Friendship Hit 100 friend orbs. Bronze
Master Crafter trophy MOM.png Master Crafter Synthesize 100 items. Bronze
Moogle Master trophy MOM.png Moogle Master Get the moogle to the highest level. Silver
Legendary Battler trophy MOM.png Legendary Battler Defeat 20 COM opponents. Bronze
Shining Platinum trophy MOM.png Shining Platinum Reach Platinum 1 rank in COM Battle. Silver
EXP Hunter trophy MOM.png EXP Hunter Earn 2,000 EXP or more in one song. Bronze
Enemy Juggler trophy MOM.png Enemy Juggler Attack the same enemy 19 times or more throughout one song. Bronze
Master Glider trophy MOM.png Master Glider Spend one minute or more gliding in a Field Battle Music Stage. Bronze
By the King's Side trophy MOM.png By the King's Side Fight alongside King Mickey for an hour. Bronze
Technician trophy MOM.png Technician Clear all five of Today's Tunes with a Full Chain. Bronze
Mission Hunter trophy MOM.png Mission Hunter Complete all missions in 10 worlds. Bronze
Leveled Out trophy MOM.png Leveled Out Reach the highest level with Team Classic. Silver
Open the Door trophy MOM.png Open the Door Clear all songs in 10 worlds. Bronze
Follow the Path trophy MOM.png Follow the Path Clear all songs in 30 worlds. Bronze
Light the Darkness trophy MOM.png Light the Darkness Clear all songs in 50 worlds. Silver
World Tourist trophy MOM.png World Tourist Clear all songs in all worlds. Gold
Beginner Maestro trophy MOM.png Beginner Maestro Clear all songs on Beginner. Silver
Standard Maestro trophy MOM.png Standard Maestro Clear all songs on Standard. Silver
Proud Maestro trophy MOM.png Proud Maestro Clear all songs on Proud. Silver
Melomaniac trophy MOM.png Melomaniac Play all songs. Silver
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