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Sora's Story

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Sora's Story

After meeting Jiminy Cricket

Sora, a boy born and raised on an island, dreamed of seeing the outside world. He and his friends Riku and Kairi began building a raft with which to sail away.

One day, Sora, ventured into the island's secret cave and met a stranger who had come from "beyond the door."

That night, disaster struck Sora's island. Riku and Kairi disappeared, and Sora was left with a mysterious weapon.

With it, he defeated monsters that had suddenly appeared everywhere, spawned from an enormous sphere of darkness. But the darkness swallowed the island.

Meanwhile, Disney Castle was in an uproar. King Mickey had vanishes, leaving only a note behind. With this sole clue, Donald and Goofy set out to find him.

Somehow, Sora ended up in a place called Traverse Town, where he met Leon, Aerith, and Yuffie and learned about the Heartless-- beings of darkness--

and the secret behind his weapon, the Keyblade. It is the key to unlocking some great power.

Before long, Sora also met Donald and Goofy, who were looking for Leon, and joined forces with them.

After obtaining the Warp-G

Kairi disappeared during the storm. King Mickey left Disney Castle to stop the Heartless.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy's search for their friends continued. An eerie shadow was drawing near their destination.

In Wonderland, they helped Alice, who was falsely charged with some crime. But in the end, someone abducted her.

In the Deep Jungle, they defeated Clayton, who was possessed by the darkness.

Sora was reunited with Riku back in town, but they were separated again.

Sora's new friend Tarzan led him to a mysterious keyhole. When Sora sealed it with the keyblade, he acquired a new gummi block.

Aerith explained that the Heartless travel to various worlds through the Keyholes.

So, sealing them might prevent more Heartless from invading each world. The new gummi opened a path to another world.

After Obtaining the Transform-G

Sora finally found Kairi in Neverland. But having lost her heart, she remained asleep. Ignoring Sora's warning,

Riku opened his being to the darkness in hopes of recovering Kairi's heart, and carried her off to Maleficent's castle, Hollow Bastion.

It seems the evil sorceress is using the minions of darkness to attain something. She manipulated both Hook and Jafar. Now she's using Riku, too.

What is her goal? Is she behind the abductions? Does she seek the Keyblade as well?

The abducted maidens, the Keyholes, the Keyblade—somehow they are bound by fate. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are headed for Hollow Bastion.

Tougher trials may away, but fighting alongside new friends like Aladdin and Peter Pan has made Sora stronger.

His battle won't be over until he saves Kairi and vanquishes the darkness.

After Obtaining the Navi-Gummi in Traverse Town

Donald and Goofy abandoned Sora and sided with Riku when they found out that he was the true Keyblade master. Sora was disheartened by their betrayal, but

was soon encouraged by the Beast to go on.

Though Riku now wielded the Keyblade, Sora faced him boldly. Moved by his courage, Donald and Goofy rejoined Sora and helped him regain the Keyblade.

After defeating Maleficent, Sora and company encountered Ansem, their most powerful enemy yet.

Ansem had possessed Riku's body and now revealed a startling truth:
Kairi's missing heart lay deep within Sora's.

To free Kairi's heart Sora unlocked his own with the Keyblade, destroying himself. Having regained her heart, Kairi awakened.

Her power, along with that of the other maidens, completed the final Keyhole to the darkness.

Somehow, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy escaped from Ansem. On their way out of Hollow Bastion, they ran into a lone Heartless who turned out to be Sora.

Kairi's deep feeling for Sora restored him. Now they must stop Ansem from destroying the worlds.

After leaving the first fight in Final Dimension

The power of Kairi's heart was what saved Sora. The strong bond between them became a light that pulled him back from the darkness.

Promising Kairi he would come back, Sora returned to Hollow Bastion to seal the final Keyhole and save Riku.

The Keyhole was sealed, but Ansem and Riku were nowhere to be found. Ansem had left to fulfill his final plan. Sora and company followed him to a world shrouded in darkness.

Destroying Ansem could restore all the Heartless, but it would also mean those worlds being disconnected, as they once were.

Once, every world was isolated, divided from the others by impassable walls. The power of darkness demolished those walls.

If the walls return, traveling to other worlds will no longer be possible. Sora may never see his friends again.

Still, he's resolved to fight his way into the very core of darkness, where Ansem lies in wait. He believes no matter how deep the darkness, a light shines within.

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