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KHDatabase:Indie Wiki Jam 2024

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Indie Wiki Jam 2024
Indie Wiki Jam 2024 logo IWJ.png
January 12-26, 2024
Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance
Trig Jegman

Indie Wiki Jam 2024 is a cross-wiki editing event hosted by the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance and sponsored by the Kingdom Hearts Database. The event will feature a variety of wikis from groups such as SEIWA, the Gaming Wiki Network, Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, and the Independent Wiki Federation.

The 2024 Indie Wiki Jam will take place from January 12-26, 2024. This page will feature information for how to contribute to the Kingdom Hearts Database as part of the Indie Wiki Jam, including editing guides, policies, and where to contribute.

About the Kingdom Hearts Database[edit source]

Main Article: KHDatabase:About

The Kingdom Hearts Database is a wiki project dedicated to documenting all official content from the Kingdom Hearts series, a video game series developed by Square Enix, in collaboration with and featuring characters from a variety of Disney films.

The KHDatabase was founded on March 5, 2018, and is hosted by KeybladeSpyMaster.

How to participate[edit source]

Account[edit source]

In order to participate on the Kingdom Hearts Database for Indie Wiki Jam, you will need an account on the Database. If you don’t have an account, you can create an account here. Please review and adhere to the general rules to avoid being blocked or banned during the event.

Editing[edit source]

If you’ve never edited a wiki before, you can find some guides to get started here:

Once you’re ready to contribute to the Kingdom Hearts Database, check out the section below for opportunities to edit and participate!

Submitting edits[edit source]

To submit edits during the Indie Wiki Jam event for consideration to qualify for the prize, be sure to type #IWJ in the edit summary of your edits. You can also submit your edits manually by filling out this Google Form (Coming Soon).

Where to help[edit source]

The Kingdom Hearts Database is still very small, editor-wise, but we have large ambitions as we work to preserve and document everything news, media, and information related to the Kingdom Hearts series. Check out these opportunities to help out!

Maintenance and cleanup[edit source]

Standard maintenance areas.
New pages

Ongoing projects[edit source]

If you know about the Kingdom Hearts series and want to help with some of our ongoing projects, check them out below!

Other wikis[edit source]

Check out the other wikis participating in this year’s Indie Wiki Jam!

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