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Help:Wiki markup

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This wikitext guide is a brief demonstration of the markup used on the Kingdom Hearts Database. The Kingdom Hearts Database runs on MediaWiki, the same software that runs Wikipedia, and as a result, we use the same markup that is found there, commonly called "wikitext". If you're ever wondering how to do some of the formatting that is used on the Database, you can refer back to this guide.

If you have an account, you can enable MediaWiki's Visual Editor in your account preferences, under "Beta Features." One of the great things about this feature is that, even if you want to keep using the source editor with all the code visible, you can use a toolbar to generate the necessary markup for different formats.

Headings and sections[edit | edit source]

Description Markup Result
Section headers

==Heading 2==
===Heading 3===
====Heading 4====
=====Heading 5=====
======Heading 6======

Heading 2[edit | edit source]

Heading 3[edit | edit source]

Heading 4[edit | edit source]

Heading 5[edit | edit source]
Heading 6[edit | edit source]
Horizontal rule


Table of Contents


Forces the Table of Contents to appear at the top of the page.

Places the Table of Contents in the location of the magic word.
Removes the Table of Contents.

Text Formatting[edit | edit source]

Description Markup Result




Bold and italics

'''''Bold and italics'''''

Bold and italics

<s>Strikethrough text</s>

Strikethrough text

<u>Underlined text</u>

Underlined text

<code>code text</code>

code text
Small text

<small>small text</small>

small text
Big text

<big>big text</big>

big text

Indents and Lists[edit | edit source]

Description Markup Result
Unordered lists


  • Item
  • Item
    • Sub-item
      • Sub-sub-item
  • Item
Numbered lists


  1. Item
  2. Item
    1. Sub-item
      1. Sub-sub-item
  3. Item
Definition lists


Typically used in talk pages.



Links[edit | edit source]

Description Markup Result
Internal link
Link to other pages on the Kingdom Hearts Database.

[[Kingdom Hearts (series)|]]


Kingdom Hearts

Piped link
Link to other pages on the Kingdom Hearts Database, and give them a different text appearance.

[[King Mickey Mouse|the King]]

the King
External links
Link to pages on other websites. []


External links with other text
Link to pages on other websites, and give them a different text appearance.

[ Square Enix]

Square Enix
External link (without arrow)
Link to pages outside the Kingdom Hearts Database (without the external link indicator)

<span class="plainlinks">[ Kingdom Hearts Official site]</span>

Kingdom Hearts Official site
White links
On dark backgrounds, create a link to a page on the Kingdom Hearts Database that with white-colored text.


Interwiki links
For certain sites, create a link to pages on those sites. See also Special:Interwiki.



Links to Wikipedia
Create a link to an article on Wikipedia.

{{Wikipedia|Utada Hikaru}}

Utada Hikaru
Category link
Add a page to a category.


Adds an article to Category:Games. A link to the category is added to the category bar at the bottom of the page.
Category page link
Link to a category page.

[[:Category:Kingdom Hearts II]]
[[:Category:Kingdom Hearts II|Kingdom Hearts II category page]]

Category:Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II category page

Section link
Link to sections on other pages on the Kingdom Hearts Database.

[[Wreck-It Ralph#Origin]]

Wreck-It Ralph#Origin
Redirect link
Link one page to automatically redirect to another page. Must go in the first line of the page.

#REDIRECT [[Luxu]]

Redirects the page the code is on (for example, Xigbar) to Luxu when searched.
Namespace link
Link to pages on the Database that are in other namespaces, such as "File:", "Transcript:", or "KHDatabase:".

[[KHDatabase:Manual of Style]]
[[Transcript:Kingdom Hearts III|Kingdom Hearts III transcript]]

KHDatabase:Manual of Style

Kingdom Hearts III transcript