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"My friends are my power!"

Sora is a young boy from Destiny Islands, and the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series.

An upbeat young man, Sora's journey began when his home was invaded by the Heartless. He journeyed with Donald Duck and Goofy in search of his now-missing childhood friends Kairi and Riku, and King Mickey. Since then, he has gone on many journeys to protect the Realm of Light.

One year after defeating Xehanort and rescuing Kairi, his current whereabouts are unknown.[1]

Story[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts χ[edit | edit source]

Long before Sora was born, in the age of fairy tales, his power was harnessed through the Book of Prophecies to craft various cards and medals used to power up Keyblades by Keyblade wielders of old.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit | edit source]

Master Xehanort took his comatose apprentice Ventus to Destiny Islands after Ventus failed to channel his darkness. There, Ventus's fractured heart made contact with that of the newborn Sora, through which Ventus's heart was healed.[2][3][4]

Four years later, while searching for a now-missing Xehanort, Terra arrives on the Islands and meets Riku and passes his Keyblade to the boy. After Terra leaves, Sora comes up to Riku and asks about the mysterious man he was just talking to. When Riku dismisses him, Sora persists, assuring Riku that he is the best secret-keeper in the world.[5]

Shortly thereafter, Aqua arrives on the islands and meets Sora and Riku. She initially plans to pass the Keyblade on to Sora, but quickly senses that Terra had passed his on to Riku, and instead makes Sora promise to always look out for his friend.[6]

Sometime later, while looking at the stars, Sora inexplicably feels sad. Riku explains that perhaps someone is in pain, and encourages Sora to reach out with his heart. When he does so, Sora's heart makes contact with Ventus's, who had just lost his and was asleep in Castle Oblivion after defeating Vanitas and destroying the χ-blade. Ventus asks if he can stay within Sora, and Sora happily accepts Ventus's heart into his own.

Between Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts[edit | edit source]

Sometime later, Sora leads Riku to a hidden cave on their island, where he believes to have heard a monster. However, they only find a plain door at the end of the cave. As they leave, Sora mentions to Riku the "new girl" at the mayor's place.[7]

Sora and Riku become fast friends with Kairi, and they spend a lot of time on the play island. Kairi's mysterious arrival on the islands prompts the trio to think a lot about the outside world. Eventually, Sora, Kairi, and Riku decide to try and get off the island.

Kingdom Hearts[edit | edit source]

Sora, Kairi, and Riku start building a raft to take them across the sea, hoping to discover new worlds beyond their own. Two days before they're set to sail, Sora is awakened by Kairi from a bizarre dream in which he is attacked by strange, dark monsters. Urged by Riku, who notes both his and Kairi's laziness regarding the raft, Sora works to find the materials and preparations for their voyage, and challenges Riku and their other friends, Tidus, Selphie, and Wakka, to fights. Riku teases Sora about his feelings for Kairi; that evening, he explains the legend of the paopu fruit and teasingly suggests he should share one with Kairi.[8] The next day, Riku challenges Sora to a race to determine the captain of the raft, and suddenly changes the wager to sharing a paopu with Kairi. Later, while searching for provisions for the trip, Sora goes into the Secret Place and admires some of the cave drawings they had made on the rock walls. One in particular catches his eye: a drawing he and Kairi had made of each other. Sora adds to it by drawing himself giving a paopu to Kairi. He's suddenly caught off-guard by a cloaked figure who mocks his ignorance.[9]

That evening, while Sora and Kairi sit on the dock looking off to the sunset, Sora remarks that he wants to see all the worlds.[10] That night, when storm hits the islands, Sora runs to the play island to secure the raft. There, he finds Kairi and Riku's boats, and confronts the same shadowy monsters from his dream. He searches the island for his friends, and finds Riku on the small islet, where he sees Riku consumed by the darkness. Sora is almost consumed as well, but a bright light dispels the darkness around him, and he finds himself holding a large key-shaped weapon, with the word "Keyblade" ringing in his mind.[11] With this new weapon, Sora searches for Kairi. He finds her in the Secret Place, but the door behind her bursts open, throwing her towards him. Kairi disappears before Sora can catch her, as the blast throws him out of the cave as well. When he awakens from the blast, he finds himself confronting the same Darkside Heartless from his dream. Despite defeating the monster with the Keyblade, Sora is swept away from his quickly deteriorating world.[12]

Sora awakens soon after in Traverse Town and searches the town for his now-missing friends. Instead, he finds Leon, who quickly knocks him out and takes him to the Green Room in the Hotel.[13] There, Sora meets Leon and Yuffie, who explain the Heartless and their attraction to the Keyblade. Together, they search for the leader.[14] As Sora searches in the Third District, he finds Donald Duck and Goofy, and the three team up to fight the Guard Armor Heartless. Afterwards, Donald and Goofy ask Sora to join them, and, encouraged by Leon, Sora agrees.[15][16]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy set off and travel to various worlds in search of King Mickey, Kairi, and Riku. They find Riku on a return trip to Traverse Town, but he disappears from sight while Sora argues with Donald about letting Riku join them. Despite being disappointed, Sora's satisfied to know his friend is safe and okay, and is even optimistic about finding Kairi soon.[17] Sora continues his journey with Donald and Goofy, visiting various worlds and meeting many different people. Along the way, he increasingly finds himself at odds with Riku, who Maleficent is turning against Sora, unbeknownst to them.[18] Finally, Riku reveals his new powers of darkness when Sora arrives in Neverland and locks him with Donald and Goofy in the hold of Captain Hook's pirate ship.[19] Determined to rescue Kairi, who Riku has already found, Sora pushes forward, eventually arriving in Hollow Bastion. There, he confronts Riku, only for Riku to reveal himself as the true wielder of the Keyblade. Riku then takes the Keyblade away from Sora, and Donald and Goofy follow the Keyblade and Riku, leaving Sora alone.[20] Initially distraught and confused about what just happened, Sora takes courage from the Beast's determination to search for Belle, and fights his way through the castle. When he finally catches up to Riku, Riku mocks and attacks him, only for Donald and Goofy to protect Sora. Asserting his strength in his friends, Sora regains the Keyblade from Riku,[21] and the three defeat Riku, who retreats. They keep moving forward, eventually finding and defeating Maleficent.[22][23]

When the group arrives in the Grand Hall, they find a comatose Kairi on the ground. While Sora tries to wake her up, Riku, now possessed by Ansem, explains that Kairi had lost her heart and that it rests within Sora. He attempts to extract the heart from Sora with the Keyblade of heart, but Sora stops him[24] and defeats him again. Even though he stops Ansem, Sora realizes that in order for Kairi to wake up, her heart would need to be released from within his, and chooses to stab himself to release Kairi.[25] Though he succeeds and Kairi reawakens, Sora loses his own heart and becomes a Heartless himself. Donald and Goofy lead Kairi out of the castle, with the Heartless Sora following. When he catches up to them in the Entrance Hall, his heart is restored to his body thanks to Kairi, who recognizes him.[26][27] Together, the four make their way out of Hollow Bastion and back to Traverse Town.

Sora explains to Leon and the others what happened, and prepares to return to Hollow Bastion to save Riku. Before leaving, he finds Kairi in the Secret Waterway, and Kairi gives him her good luck charm, promising to always be with him wherever he goes as he promises to return the charm to her.[28]

After Sora returns to Hollow Bastion and seals the Keyhole, he finds Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, and Cid, who explain that once Ansem is defeated, the worlds would return to their previous state, meaning Sora wouldn't be able to see them again.[29] Sora, Donald, and Goofy follow Ansem to the End of the World. They find him on the ruins of Destiny Islands,[30] where they begin to fight him, and they soon find themselves in the endless abyss of World of Chaos. Here, they defeat Ansem, who desperately calls on Kingdom Hearts to fill him with darkness. Sora, however, declares that Kingdom Hearts is light, and Ansem is destroyed when its doors open.[31]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy then race to close the door to Kingdom Hearts, and quickly find help from both Riku and King Mickey. Together, they close the door and Sora and Mickey seal it with their Keyblades. Sora then sees Kairi at a distance and runs to her, promising that he'll always be with her as she is with him, and that he'll return to her.[32]

Soon thereafter, Sora, Donald, and Goofy begin their journey to find Riku and King Mickey. Along the way, they find Pluto with a letter signed by the King, and chase after him.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit | edit source]

While searching for Riku and King Mickey, Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive in a castle called Castle Oblivion. There, they run into a man in a black hood who tells him that if he continues in the castle, we will lose his memories, but find someone important. Believing it to be Riku and the King, Sora, Donald, and Goofy continue forward. Along the way, they meet several members of the mysterious Organization XIII, who taunt and battle him.

As he journeys up the castle, Sora begins to remember a girl named Naminé, who he says disappeared from Destiny Islands long ago. His memories of her become stronger as he journeys up the castle, and when he learns from Larxene that she's being held captive in Castle Oblivion, Sora becomes determined to find her and rescue here. However, along the way, he runs into Riku. Riku, however, is dismissive of him, saying that he will rescue Naminé and claiming she doesn't want to see him. Nevertheless, Sora becomes obsessed with finding Naminé. On the way, he meets Vexen, who lures him to a town Sora's never been to named Twilight Town. There, Vexen attempts to caution Sora against following his memories blindly and begins to tell him of the memories from the "other side" of his heart. Before he's able to do so, however, Axel appears and eliminates Vexen.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy find Riku again on the 11th Floor, and learn that both Sora and Riku have the exact same memory of Naminé, including identical lucky charms they remember her giving each of them. After being defeated, Riku runs off again, and Sora begins to give chase, angrily leaving Donald and Goofy behind when they caution him against chasing for Naminé so intently. Sora arrives alone on the 12th Floor, which takes the form of Destiny Islands, and finally finds Naminé. Going against Marluxia's plan at the behest of Axel, Naminé tries to remind Sora of Kairi, who he'd been slowly forgetting along the way, and the lucky charm changes appearance back to Kairi's wayfinder. Riku interrupts the two, though, and challenges Sora to a fight again. Naminé stops Riku by shattering his heart, causing Sora to ask in bewilderment what she had done to him. Larxene then appears and reveals that Riku is actually a puppet, a replica Vexen had created. She also reveals that both his and the Riku Replica's memories of Naminé were fake, created so the Organization, through Naminé, could manipulate them both. Just as Larxene is about to defeat a dejected Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive, and the three together eliminate Larxene.

Naminé introduces herself to Sora and the others, and explains that she had to manipulate Sora's memories. Sora forgives her, and he, Donald, and Goofy make their way to the 13th Floor to face off with Marluxia. They find him ready to fight Axel, who attempts to use Naminé as a shield. Sora challenges them both, promising to take down Marluxia once he finished Axel. After defeating Axel, Sora, Donald, and Goofy find Marluxia holding Naminé. Marluxia commands her to erase Sora's memory and destroy his heart. While Naminé refuses, Sora tells her to do so, reiterating the fake memory of the promise he made that he'd always protect her. The Riku Replica then appears and helps Naminé escape, allowing Sora to fight and defeat Marluxia. Sora seals the keyhole to the room of the fight, and he, Donald, and Goofy choose to go to sleep in pods to allow Naminé to restore their memories. As Sora prepares to sleep, Naminé tells him to keep focusing on remembering Kairi, and the rest of his memories would quickly follow. Sora promises that when he wakes up, they'll be friends for real.

The real Riku, who had awoken in the basement in Castle Oblivion, finds and meets Naminé sometime afterwards. Seeing Sora asleep to recovery his memories, Riku entrusts him to Naminé.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit | edit source]

Sometime after Sora goes to sleep, Naminé and a hooded man named DiZ move Sora, Donald, and Goofy to an old mansion in Twilight Town. Sometime later, Naminé discovers that some of Sora's memories are not returning, and realizes the problem is caused by the existence of Sora's Nobody, Roxas, and a replica created by the Organization from Sora's memories of Kairi, which have escaped through Roxas. Designed to be a replica of Sora, Xion eventually betrays the Organization and return the memories to Sora, ceasing to exist following a battle with Roxas. However, with the remainder of Sora's power and memories within Roxas, DiZ sends Riku to capture him. After initially losing to Roxas, Riku releases the darkness in his heart in order to help Sora, accepting his fate even if it changes him forever.[33]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit | edit source]

Roxas awakens in Twilight Town with a new personality and identity and no memory of his past, but as Naminé begins to take Sora's memories from him, Roxas begins to dream of Sora. The restoration of Sora's memories accelerates dramatically over the following six days, as Roxas begins to challenge the world he lives in and the Organization attempts to break into the simulation Roxas is trapped in. At the same time, on the fourth day, Sora, through Roxas, makes contact with Kairi, who has lost all memory of Sora due to the events in Castle Oblivion and his own sleep. Roxas finally meets Sora on the sixth day and returns his memories and power to him, ceasing to exist in the process.

Sora awakens in Twilight Town and finds Donald and Goofy, but has no recollection of the events of Castle Oblivion or of Naminé. They journey through the familiar town, though Sora doesn't identify it, and meet Hayner, Pence, and Olette, who reveal that King Mickey is searching for them at the station tower. There, after fighting strange new enemies, Sora, Donald, and Goofy find the King, who directs them to board a train. As they prepare to leave, Hayner, Pence, and Olette see them off, and Sora inexplicably becomes emotional. The train takes them to the Mysterious Tower, where they run into a new enemy named Pete, who claims to be working with Maleficent, who soon after returns to life. After fighting the Heartless he summons, they enter the tower and meet Master Yen Sid, the King's teacher, who Sora fails to address appropriately. Master Yen Sid explains to them the state of the worlds, including the mysterious enemy they had recently encountered, called a Nobody, and the powerful group called Organization XIII. After receiving new clothes from Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, Sora, along with Donald and Goofy, board the Gummi Ship for their next adventur.

The trio returns to Hollow Bastion, where they find the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, comprised of Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, and Cid, and learn that everyone had forgotten of them. Sora tells Leon about the Nobodies and the Organization, at which point the Organization arrives and sends Nobodies to attack the town. Sora and Leon team up to defend the town, after which the Keyblade opens the path to the next world. Sora, Donald, and Goofy journey through the worlds to fight the Heartless and Nobodies and stop the plans of the mysterious Organization.

Eventually, Sora, Donald, and Goofy return to Twilight Town, where they face a horde of Nobodies sent by Saïx. Saïx then tells him of Axel, and warns him of the darkness, lest he end up like Riku. Confused, Sora begins to question Saïx, but the latter leaves through a corridor of darkness. Hayner, Pence, and Olette then appear and reveal that Kairi had shown up in town looking for Sora, but that she had been kidnapped by Axel. Determined now to rescue both Riku and Kairi, Sora continues his journey.

He, Donald, and Goofy return to Hollow Bastion, where Leon and the gang have found Ansem's computer. Believing it could tell him about Riku and Kairi's location, Sora quickly becomes frustrated with the machine and begins to smash the keys, causing himself, Donald, and Goofy to be trapped within the computer. After defeating the Master Control Program and escaping with help from a program within named Tron, they attempt to use the computer again. To Sora's dismay, however, the computer has no information on Riku or Kairi's wherabouts. They then reunite with King Mickey, who reveals he's searching for Ansem the Wise, explaining that the man they had fought the year before had stolen his identity, but wasn't really Ansem.

In that moment, Organization XIII launches a Heatless assault on Hollow Bastion, and Sora, Donald, and Goofy quickly make their way into town with King Mickey. Defying King Mickey's orders to leave and search for Kairi and Riku, Sora, Donald, and Goofy jump into the fight and soon defeat the Organization's number IX, Demyx. However, while defending King Mickey, Goofy is struck by a boulder and is seemingly killed, to Sora's disbelief. He joins Donald and King Mickey in continuing to fight the Heartless, and to his relief, Goofy rejoins them, revealing he had just been knocked out by the boulder. They soon split up to take on a horde of Heartless before Sora reunites with Donald and Goofy to confront the leader of the Organization, Xemnas. Xemnas taunts Sora by telling him to ask King Mickey about Riku's whereabouts, then disappears with King Mickey close behind him. Axel then appears and reveals Xemnas's plan of releasing the hearts captured by the Heartless by having Sora defeat the Heartless with the Keyblade. Sora identifies Axel and asks about Kairi, but Axel flees when Saïx appears. Desperate to find Kairi, Sora pleads to Saïx on his knees for her location, but Saïx refuses, angering Sora. Saïx then tells Sora to direct his anger at the Heartless, revealing that the hearts released by the Keyblade weave together to form Kingdom Hearts, which the Organization will use to become whole. Maleficent appears in that moment and intervenes to allow Sora, Donald, and Goofy to escape, but Sora is overwhelmed with the uncertainty of continuing to use the Keyblade if it's helping the Organization. The trio escapes into a world of complete darkness, and Sora reaffirms his search for Kairi and Riku. Once they make it back to the Gummi Ship, Goofy tells Sora that he has to keep using the Keyblade, or the Heartless will continue to harm people.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy continue their journey through various worlds, and eventually return to Twilight Town, where they join Hayner, Pence, and Olette in searching for clues to an alternate Twilight Town. The King arrives to assist when the group is ambushed by several Nobodies, and afterwards, Sora ambushes the King with questions about Riku's whereabouts, confirming the King knows about Riku before Donald tells him to stop pestering him. The group enters the Old Mansion outside of town and find a computer in the basement that takes them to the other Twilight Town, which Sora identifies as Roxas's Twilight Town. There, they find a portal to the Organization's stronghold, but are soon ambushed by countless Nobodies. Axel then arrives and helps defeat the enemies, sacrificing himself in the process to allow Sora through. He tells him that Kairi's in the dungeon and opens a corridor to The World That Never Was.

While journeying through the Dark City towards the Organization's stronghold, Sora is attacked by a hooded figure and transported to his Station of Awakening. There, the figure asks why Sora was chosen, and attacks him relentlessly. However, Sora is able to defeat the figure, who reveals himself to be Sora's Nobody, Roxas. Roxas tells Sora he makes a good other as he disappears, and Sora finds himself back in the Dark City, with Donald and Goofy not having seen the battle.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit | edit source]

See also Data-Sora

Sometime after the fall of the Organization, Jiminy Cricket finds a mysterious message in one of his journals documenting Sora's first journey. In order to find the source of the message, King Mickey digitizes the journal and summons a digital version of Sora within the journal to investigate. In the end, this Data-Sora and King Mickey find a Data-Naminé, who gives them a message for the real Sora regarding those who are lost but whose hearts are tied to his, namely the real Naminé, Roxas, Xion, Axel, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. Afterwards, King Mickey writes a letter to Sora revealing all he learned within the journal.

On Destiny Islands, Sora and Riku discuss the door to light, and Riku explains that it was his heart. Kairi then appears and reveals a bottle with the King's seal, the letter he had sent regarding those who are hurting and need to be rescued.[34][35] He determines to venture to find those connected to him, and Kairi gives him her lucky charm again, making a promise to see each other soon. [36]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit | edit source]

Gathered at The Mysterious Tower, Master Yen Sid reminds Sora that their task is to gather several allies in order to defeat Master Xehanort. He also reminds Sora that Xehanort stripped him of most of his power following his failure during the Mark of Mastery exam while trying to obtain the power of waking, and tasks Sora with going to visit Hercules in hopes of finding a way of regaining his strength. Donald and Goofy decide to join Sora on his journey once more. Once on the Gummi Ship, however, Sora is unable to figure out how to open a gate to Olympus Coliseum. Thankfully, spurred by Goofy quoting Master Yen Sid, he figures out how to summon the gate using the Keyblade, and the trio makes their way to Olympus.[37]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive in Olympus, but don't recognize their surroundings and are disappointed not to find themselves surrounded by their friends in celebration of their return. Realizing Sora's gate has landed them far from the Coliseum, the trio decide to start making their way, heading up the mountain in the hopes of finding something familiar.[38] In their search for Olympus Coliseum, Sora, Donald, and Goofy become lost. Pausing at a mountain edge, Sora decides to shout for Hercules, but instead he catches the attention of Hades, who makes an unwelcome appearance. At first Hades is irate at the trio's mentions of Hercules, but he quickly calms himself and reveals that he is once again planning to conquer the cosmos. The trio are far from enthusiastic to see their old foe again and Sora openly dismisses Hades' aspirations. At this Hades calls upon the Titans, and suddenly Sora, Donald, and Goofy find themselves assaulted by earthquakes, icy cold, lava, and, finally, a veracious wind that sweeps them clean off the mountain and throws them off into the distance.[39]

In Olympus' township, Hercules is surprised by screams coming from up above and is shocked to see Sora, Donald, and Goofy flying through the air. He jumps to action and manages to save the trio. Feet firmly back on the ground, Sora and company are quick to notice the fiery destruction plaguing the town. Hercules explains Hades is to blame, which prompts Sora to tell him about the plans Hades had revealed to them.[40] As the group continue their walk through Thebes, Hercules asks Sora why he has returned. Sora, hoping to find clues to recovering the strength he has lost, asks how Hercules was able to regain his strength when he saved Megara during their last visit to Olympus Coliseum. Hercules explains he isn't sure where his strength came from, only that he wanted to save Meg with all his heart. The trio fails to hide their disappointment in the lack of a solution for Sora's lost strength.

The reunion is interrupted when Donald sees fire raining from the sky and soon the town is swarmed by a rain of Heartless that quickly sets to lighting more fires around Thebes. Weapons are summoned and the heroes band together to make quick work of the Heartless menace.[41] After the fight they are visited by Megara and Philoctetes, who arrive riding atop Pegasus. Meg is happy to see the trio again and thanks them for helping the town. Concerned by the fire, Hercules tells Meg, Phil, and Pegasus to find safety while he and the trio will search the city for any trapped townspeople. Meg agrees and wishes them luck, before departing with Phil and Pegasus. As they watch Pegasus go, Goofy notices a call for help in the distance. He alerts the others and Hercules is able to find the source: a young girl trapped on a unsteady rock pile. Knowing running will not be able to get them to the girl in time, Hercules instructs the trio to climb onto the Hercules statue that was toppled during the Heartless attack. Once the trio are settled, Hercules lifts the statue and launches it in the direction of the girl. The girl is rescued and thanks the team before heading away to safety.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy are not alone for long, as a dark corridor opens behind them and Maleficent and Pete step through. Maleficent sneers at the presence of "the King's pawns", but is quick to deny involvement when Sora accuses her of summoning the Heartless. Pete seems to notice a difference in Sora, and is glad to point out that Sora seems weaker than before and possibly easy to defeat. Maleficent, however, dismisses this, citing a more pressing matter to attend. Pete lets slip that this is their search for a black box, a reveal that greatly irritates Maleficent. With one final pointed comment each about the trio's unimportance, Maleficent and Pete head back through the dark corridor, with Sora failing to stop them from getting away. Visibly upset by Pete's comments, Sora is left deflated and frowning, but insists he is fine when Donald and Goofy ask if he's okay. Knowing he isn't being entirely truthful, Donald and Goofy tell Sora that he'll definitely get stronger, a statement that only seems to frustrate Sora more.[42]

Making their way through Olympus in search of trapped townspeople, Sora, Donald, and Goofy find their path ravaged by a fire they can't get past. Sora confronts the flames to no avail, but Goofy decides to try as well, using his shield as a barrier. Realizing his shield is impervious to fire, Goofy suggests they use it for transport, something Sora and Donald are happy to agree to.[43] They eventually reach Thebes' Gardens, where they find a woman trapped atop a pillar, the ground below her filled with Flame Core Heartless. She calls desperately for Hercules, but it is Sora, Donald, and Goofy that discover her. They quickly run over to defeat the Heartless and--despite the woman's disappointment in being helped by a group of strangers instead of Hercules--battle ensues.[44] After they rescue her, the Olympus woman thanks Sora, Donald, and Goofy and remarks that as long as they keep training, they will become great heroes like Hercules someday. As she leaves, Sora is left disappointed by her comment, wondering if his lack of strength is really obvious. Though Donald teases that it is, Goofy remarks that they're all far from perfect, but that they can improve together, to which Sora heartily agrees.[45]

After clearing the rest of Thebes of townspeople, Sora, Donald, and Goofy reach a large building on the outskirts of the town. They head inside and find Hercules struggling to hold the collapsing building on top of his back, while three townspeople huddle below him. Things only get worse when the other side of the building collapses, blocking the exit, and then a horde of Flame Cores materialize. Hercules tells Sora to protect the townspeople while he keeps the building upright.[46] After defeating the swarm of Heartless, Hercules orders the trio to get the townspeople out of the building before it falls. Sora hesitates to leave Hercules to hold the building up on his own, but decides to trust Hercules' strength and runs outside. The group barely clears the area before a great rumble surrounds them and they are forced to huddle together as the building finally collapses. When the shaking stops and the dust clears, the trio are devastated to see the building in ruins, with Hercules still inside. Thankfully their grief is short-lived, as Hercules then emerges from the rubble unscathed.

As everyone celebrates Hercules' heroism, the opening of a dark corridor interrupts the joy. Xigbar appears, clapping sarcastically in mock of their triumph. While the trio and Hercules glare him down with open hostility, Xigbar admonishes their desire to put others first. Hercules pushes back by recanting his previous rescue of Meg, but Xigbar brushes this off as something only possible because of Hercules' "friends in high places". Sora snaps back by praising Hercules's courage, but Xigbar simply replies that he doesn't admire people who sacrifice themselves at the risk of later needing saving themselves. Predicting Sora's thoughts, Xigbar goes on to dismiss the idea of strength through connecting hearts, insisting that putting too much power in one place will lead to those hearts breaking. Despite this, he encourages Sora to find the hearts joined to his. When Sora is unreceptive to taking his advice, Xigbar stays confident and explains that he knows Sora will end up doing what he expects and will find his reward in the end. With this final strange comment, Xigbar leaves just as suddenly as he had arrived. Sora is left obviously confused and concerned, but Hercules assures him that eventually they'll prove that their sacrifices aren't in vain. Donald and Goofy follow up by pointing out that their teamwork has already proved successful, making Xigbar wrong already. Sora is cheered by their words and his sunny disposition returns, but as the group leaves they don't notice Sora lagging behind, furrowing his brow and wondering what exactly is the reward Xigbar was talking about.[47]

The group continues until they reach the town center, where a giant Heartless is rampaging. Battle ensues and, upon the Heartless' defeat, Megara, Pegasus, and Philoctetes return. Meg informs them that no-one else is in trouble. Their victory is short-lived, as they quickly notice a dark storm brewing around Mount Olympus. Knowing the cause to be Hades, Sora, Donald, and Goofy determine to go with Hercules to defeat the villain once again.[48] The group discovers the water on the mountain is dangerously high and raging angrily, but through dispatching multiple groups of Water Cores, the rivers and waterfall return to their normal peaceful state. As Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Hercules climb further up Mount Olympus, the ground around them begins to shake. Concerned about the happenings above them, Hercules begins to worry for his family. He summons Pegasus and tells the others he will fly ahead. Sora is intrigued by the mention of his family and Hercules reveals that his dad is the king of the gods. Hercules and Pegasus fly off, leaving Sora, Donald, and Goofy in shock at the revelation that Hercules's dad is a god and whether that means that Hercules, by extension, might be one as well. This new information leads Goofy and Donald to think that Hercules will be okay, but when Sora reminds them that the Organization is in Olympus too, they realize they should continue on to offer help. Sora recalls his earlier conversation about strength with Hercules, and it inspires him to fight with all his heart.[49]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy make their way up Mount Olympus, but their entrance to the Realm of the Gods is blocked by a confrontation with the Rock Titan. After a fierce battle, the Rock Titan falls off the side of Mount Olympus and the trio watch it go. Their enemy gone, the trio celebrate, with Goofy noting that the Titans aren't that difficult on their own.[50] Their path cleared, the trio's travels bring them to a golden staircase. They eagerly race up the stairs and burst through the doors at the top, marveling at the beauty and splendor of the area beyond. Their amazement is cut off when they are startled by the sound of trumpets, which they hope might be the fanfare they were expecting when they first arrived in Olympus. These hopes are quickly dashed as a horde of Satyr Heartless appears and another battle takes place.[51] Once victorious, the trio hurry forward.

At the top of Olympus' Realm of the Gods, Hades has completed his conquest. The Ice Titan and Lava Titan have trapped Zeus in a rock prison and Hades sits back, pleased to finally be in charge. His victory is short-lived, however, as Hercules (atop Pegasus), Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive. Hercules flies in and frees the rest of the gods Hades had in chains, then he joins Sora, Donald, and Goofy in facing the Titans in battle.[52] Although a valiant fight ensues, all three Titans remain standing. Things only get worse when the Rock Titan suddenly joins the battle. To assuage his doubts, Sora confidently reminds Goofy that there's four of them to take the four of the Titans, prompting Hercules to note that he can make it five. Hercules then jumps onto the rock cone imprisoning Zeus and breaks it apart, setting his father free. Zeus quickly gets to work, pelting the Titans with lightning bolts. The Titans attempt to flee, but Hercules captures the Tornado Titan and uses it to gather the other three Titans together. He flings the monsters far out into space, effectively destroying them. Hades fumes about his loss and prepares to attack, before being interrupted by Hercules and forced to leave.[53]

After defeating Hades and the Titans, Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Hercules make their way out of the Realm of the Gods. Sora, Donald, and Goofy ask Hercules if he's sure he wants to leave his home and family in Olympus, but Hercules explains that if he stayed, he wouldn't be able to be with the person he loves most, Meg. Hercules remembers Sora's earlier question and asks if he can help with an answer. Sora, however, declines the offer, having concluded that he is meant to figure the answer out for himself. He determines that he'll find his strength by, like Hercules, finding something to fight for with all his heart.[54]

After their adventures in Olympus, Sora, Donald, and Goofy return to The Mysterious Tower. Master Yen Sid is disappointed to find Sora has not learned the power of waking nor regained his strength, but seems hopeful as he remembers that Sora's greatest strength is that magic happens whenever he is in need. Their discussion is interrupted by the return of King Mickey and Riku from the Dark World, who also come bearing bad news--they weren't able to locate Aqua. All is not lost, however, as Riku recalls how Sora was lost to darkness during his exam, but Riku was able to save him. He explains that if they are able to find someone who is close with Aqua, that person might be able to travel into the abyss and find her. Mickey and Yen Sid ponder this option, but things seem grim as they realize that everyone Aqua was close with is gone. Suddenly, Sora exclaims that he will save Aqua, though when the group reacts with shock to this suggestion, Sora becomes confused and admits he is unsure why he offered. Still, the declaration was convincing, so Sora is told to continue on his search for the power of waking with the end goal of visiting the realm of darkness to save Aqua.

Before they depart, Yen Sid bestows Mickey and Riku with two suitcases which he explains contain darkness-shielding outfits that he would like them to deliver to Kairi and Lea. Sora is frustrated not to have a new outfit too, until Yen Sid summons another suitcase, this one filled with special clothing from Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, and a gift from Chip and Dale. Sora is ecstatic and about to go, but Jiminy Cricket appears, exclaiming that they can't take a journey without him there to chronicle it. With the old team back together, Yen Sid gives Sora a departing gift: a Heartbinder. The group follows with one final bow to the old Keyblade Master and then they all depart, Yen Sid wishing them well with an old saying as they go.[55]

Inside the Gummi Ship, Goofy and Donald are waiting for Sora to set their next path of travel when they are interrupted by a strange ringing sound. Sora pulls a device from the pocket of his new outfit and, confused, presses a button on the front. Dale and then Chip appear on the device's screen, revealing what Sora holds is a Gummiphone, something they created so they could keep in touch with Sora on his travels. They have called to tell Sora about some of Ansem the Wise's data that Riku discovered during their time in sleeping worlds. The conversation is joined by Ienzo, who introduces himself and Aeleus to Sora, with an explanation that by defeating their Nobodies, Sora has "recompleted" them, allowing them to work against Xehanort, who they now know was deceiving them. Ienzo has been examining the data Riku found, and informs Sora that they have learnt that Sora's heart doesn't completely belong to him. To the other's surprise, Sora is not shocked by the information, for he has suspected Roxas was inside his heart for some while. Intrigued, Ienzo signs off to continue his investigations, while Chip and Dale give a cheery farewell and the promise of help should the others ever need it. Thinking about this new information, Sora decides the best way to know where to go is by following Roxas' heart. With encouragement from Donald and Goofy, Sora summons his Keyblade and opens a gate to their next destination.[56]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy journey to Twilight Town. As the trio stroll down the street, they talk about the recent strange encounters they've had with past adversaries, but decide not to worry about them too much. As they reach the Tram Common, Sora is excited to see the trams again, which brings Goofy to suggest that maybe those feelings are from Roxas, excited to be back home. Sora recalls seeing Roxas in the sleeping worlds, and then Donald brings up Roxas' appearance in the datascape, which Goofy points out was part of a test to see if Sora was ready to handle hurt. Sora thinks about this, remembering his time separated from his friends, and comes to the realization that hurting is part of caring. He follows this with the declaration that he is going to find Roxas, but as soon as he says the words out loud, a mysterious voice enters his head, quickly followed by the appearance of a group of Dusks that the trio are forced to defeat.[57] After defeating the Nobodies, Sora is able to wonder aloud what the voice he heard before the ambush was. He isn't given any further time to think as Hayner, Pence, and then Olette appear, rushing through the streets to get away from the massive Heartless Demon Tide behind them. Sora, Donald, and Goofy jump to their rescue.[58] After fighting the Demon Tide off, Sora, Donald, and Goofy explain they are trying to bring back Roxas. Intrigued by a name that feels both unknown and familiar, Hayner, Pence, and Olette decide to ask around town about Roxas, while Sora, Donald, and Goofy decide to journey ahead to the Old Mansion. Before separating, the group take a photo together with Sora's Gummiphone, which leads to his first discovery of a Lucky Emblem.[59]

As Sora, Donald, and Goofy make their way through Twilight Town's Woods, they spy a small rat stuck up a tree that is surrounded by Powerwild Heartless. Without a moment's hesitation, they jump into action and save the poor creature.[60] After, the trio wish the rat farewell, but before they can leave the rat climbs atop Sora's head. The rat tugs on Sora's hair and Sora finds himself hijacked, turning this way and that at each pull of his hair. Controlling Sora—much to the amusement of Donald and Goofy—the rat makes it clear that he is interested in the fruit on the ground. Sora offers to help him collect the fruit, under the condition that he do so on his own and not under the control of the rat. When the trio has gathered the fruit, they ask the rat what he wants it for. He mimes his answer but Sora, Donald, and Goofy are unable to understand it, so they simply wish the rat well and continue on their way.[61]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive at the Old Mansion and Sora is momentarily struck by the memory of seeing something in the Mansion's window, a memory from Roxas. He shakes it off just in time for the arrival of Hayner, Pence, and Olette, who reveal that their inquiries around town didn't yield any results. Knowing the Mansion is their last hope for clues, the group enters the abandoned building and return to the transporter in the basement. Pence attempts to access the transporter, but finds the program blocked. Ienzo then calls Sora on the Gummiphone and explains that while attempting to decipher Ansem's code, he received an alert that someone was trying to access the terminal in Twilight Town. With Pence's assistance, Ienzo is able to set up a network between the two worlds. Intrigued by the concept of a digital world within Ansem's computer, Ienzo explains that with Pence's help, he may be able to retrieve Roxas' data from the computer. Before hanging up, Ienzo reveals to Sora that Even, the former Organization XIII member known as Vexen, has disappeared and Sora should be careful.[62]

As they emerge from the Old Mansion, Sora, Donald, and Goofy are shocked to find both Xemnas and Ansem waiting to question Sora's efforts to bring back Roxas. Xemnas insists that what Sora seeks is impossible, and Ansem pushes back on Sora's plan to place Roxas's heart in the virtual Twilight Town. Goofy, however, notes that both Ansem and Xemnas, who used to be part of the same person, now exist simultaneously and separately, and reasons that since they can do it, Sora and Roxas can too. Xemnas claims that the only way to bring Roxas back is for Sora to submit to the darkness, so he and Ansem summon enemies to challenge him. As the pair leaves through a portal of darkness, they tell Sora to set his heart free, but Sora insists to himself that he won't submit to the darkness as long as he's helping Roxas.[63] After fighting the enemies off, Sora thinks back on his conversation with Hercules about knowing with all your heart. With more conviction that ever, Sora decides he will restore Roxas, with Donald and Goofy enthusiastically agreeing to help. First, however, Sora, Donald, and Goofy decide they must return to the Tram Common to warn Hayner, Pence, and Olette about Ansem and Xemnas's presence.[64]

Having returned to the Tram Common, Sora, Donald, and Goofy run into Uncle Scrooge, who reveals that the little rat they rescued in the forest is actually Little Chef, the cook behind Scrooge's new Twilight Town restaurant, Le Grand Bistrot. Little Chef gifts the trio with a tarte aux fruit as thanks for saving him and says he'd like to cook more for the group, so Scrooge encourages them to find ingredients that he can use, a task Sora eagerly agrees to.[65] Hayner and Olette catch up to the group. The pair are revealed to be working for Scrooge McDuck, putting up posters to advertise a movie festival for the town. Olette teaches Sora how to scan the posters to unlock promotional games on his Gummiphone. Sora tells the pair about Organization XIII's presence and warns them to keep safe. He also asks them to keep Roxas in their hearts and wish for his return, a favor they promise to fulfill. High above the town, watching over the group, are Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and Xemnas, who are soon joined by Xigbar. They remark that they'll guide Sora, but if he wavers from their path, they'll destroy him.[66]

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory[edit | edit source]

Kairi dreams of Sora's past adventures with Donald and Goofy as she searches her memories for clues to Sora's whereabouts.

Sora is able to manifest himself in Kairi's dreams to protect her when Xehanort attempts to strike at her. At his appearance, Xehanort remarks that he knows exactly where his heart is. Sora then fights and defeats Xehanort before disappearing.

Kingdom Hearts IV[edit | edit source]

Sora awakens in Quadratum after being asleep for seven days and meets Strelitzia. After explaining where he is, Strelitzia explains that Quadratum is filled with life, but is like an afterworld for both him and herself.

Development and Design[edit | edit source]

  • Initially, Square Enix wanted Mickey Mouse to be the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, while Disney wanted Donald Duck. However, Tetsuya Nomura chose to create Sora because he wanted a human protagonist. His appearance in the original Kingdom Hearts is very similar to Mickey's classic appearance, an allusion to Square Enix's original desire.
  • Sora's early appearance was more lion-like, having a fur, claws, and a tail, and wielding a chainsaw-like weapon with a keychain shaped like a lion's head.
  • Sora's name means sky in Japanese.

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