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Olympus is a world in Kingdom Hearts III. It is based on the 1997 Disney animated film Hercules.

An expansion of Olympus Coliseum, Olympus features the glorious Realm of the Gods, the luscious green Mt. Olympus, and the nearby town of Thebes. It is home to the hero Hercules and his adversary, the god Hades.

Setting[edit | edit source]

Thebes[edit | edit source]

The name of the town that houses the human populous of Olympus is Thebes. Thebes' Overlook is a walkway lined with seating that, as its name suggests, overlooks the town. It has a set of stairs leading upwards that is blocked by rubble during the Titans' attack. After the attack the rubble is cleared and the stairs can be taken up two flights to find an enclosed entrance to a building, before which the Cherry Flan lies in wait. There is another set of stairs heading down from the Overlook, which leads to an open square with debris (and later construction material) piled around its perimeter. Snaking off from this square is a wide path lined with houses. During the Titans' rampage this corridor is ablaze, but it is returned to normalcy after Hades' defeat. At the end of this path are a series of red roofs. Traveling across the roofs leads to a steep drop, giving the option of falling to ground level or jumping across to land on the broken shield of a giant statue. From the shield, there is a short path of more roofs that lead to another jump across to the destroyed remnants of a small room. On the ground is another large square, this one adorned with statues of warriors and marble columns. A short flight of stairs down from here leads to another pathway, this one forged from the rubble of the destroyed city. The path diverges into two towards its end, with one way leading to the inside of a building (the path through which loops back to the beginning of the original path) and the other leading to a crumbling rooftop.

The statue in the Gardens.

Jumping down from the rooftop leads to the Gardens. Nearby is the entrance to a destroyed building with debris around its perimeter. Back outside is a tidy path that can be followed all the way through the Gardens. The Gardens are untouched by destruction, with their marble statues and columns and tranquil fountains adding to its serene atmosphere. A short path leads to an open area with a marble gazebo as its centerpiece. From here the path continues past lines of statue warriors, a large fountain, and to a long set of stairs that leads to an open square. After Hades' defeat a series of rough holes have been dug through the ground in this square.[1] The square has two paths snaking off it, with one leading to a large statue of a warrior. Attacking the warrior's ankle causes the statue to collapse and open a new path back to the open square.

Following the other path out of the garden leads to a steep slope into The Big Olive. After Hades' defeat, the rubble just before the slope is cleared, allowing access to a series of stairs that lead to The Big Olive center. The slope entrance to The Big Olive begins with a corridor walled by crumbling buildings. At the end of the corridor is a vast town center. Columns adorn the area and impressive marble buildings are placed around its perimeter, most with tall statues flanking their entrances. During the Titans' attack rubble and debris fill the streets, but after Hades' defeat building projects have been set up to repair the damage. The path out of the center is formed by large chunks of rubble and is on fire during the Titans' attack. This path has two directions, with the first leading to an enclosed grassy path and the second leading to a set of downward stairs. The stairs lead to a small level area riddled with rubble. After Hades' defeat the rubble is cleared, revealing a set of stairs that lead downward. While the rubble blocks the path, a second set of stairs is still available, leading upwards to the Alleyway. Shortly into the Alleyway is an entrance to a grand temple. The temple is destroyed during the Titans' rampage, but is well underway with repairs after Hades' defeat.

Past the temple is a winding grassy path that leads to a hole that has been smashed through the side of a building. Through the hole is a small waterway, with a grate at its end that can be broken to gain entrance to Agora. Agora is a big open area filled with grand temple-like structures, columns placed in white and gold clusters, bubbling fountains, and colorful tapestries hanging from many walls. The area is plagued by fire, rubble, and debris during the Titans' attack, but afterwards the square is filled with reconstruction work. A large fountain topped with a sculpture of a warrior fighting a fierce, serpent-like monster sits in front of the entrance to the Alleyway. Tall statues of scholars sit in groves in the walls and before them a large statue of Hercules is displayed in the area's center. The statue is destroyed during the Titans' rampage, but is being reconstructed after Hades' defeat. At the top of Agora is a small flight of stairs that serves as the entrance to the mountain that overlooks the town.

Map of Olympus.

Mount Olympus[edit | edit source]

The centerpiece of Olympus is Mount Olympus, which serves as the walkway between the human town and the world of the gods. The Ravine sits at the bottom of the mountain, a plush collection of greenery that runs alongside a river. The river is near overflowing and dangerously unruly at first, but after the expulsion of the Water Cores inhabiting it, it drops to its lower, calmer level. A few human remnants line the river, the most noticeable being the broken remains of a few statues.

The river ends at a wall of rocks, diverting the mountain climb to the nearby climbable walls that lead to the Cliff Ascent. The Cliff Ascent is a series of cliff faces that can be scaled to reach level areas. The level areas are walled by tall mountain rock and plush with greenery. Remnants of human life are scattered around these areas, such as structure-less columns or left behind crates. A waterfall fills a shallow pond in one part of the Ascent, while a large cave can be found in another. Scaling the treacherous mountainside eventually leads to a large, circular outdoor room with a mosaic floor and carvings lining the wall. The room seems long forgotten, with its ornate pillars and artwork in disrepair, and greenery creeping across every surface. The centerpiece of the room is a giant statue of the god Zeus, suggesting an area for worship or veneration.

Taking the final path through the Cliff Ascent leads to the Mountainside. The first obstacle of the Mountainside is a loomingly tall cliff-face, which can be scaled to reach a level of the mountain that is gloomy with rain. A rock path snakes around the side of the mountain here, slick with rain and with another giant cliff-face at its end. At the top of this cliff awaits the Summit, another rocky path around the mountain and through a dimly lit cave. Following this path to its end leads to a wall of rock that can be broken apart to reveal a ground made of clouds and a beautiful golden staircase that leads to the world above.

Realm of the Gods[edit | edit source]

The Realm of the Gods is as majestic as its name suggests, with gold, white marble, and turquoise blues highlighting the cloud-spun dwelling. The first room is the Courtyard, a large circular room with columns and tufts of cloud decorating the walls. A tornado-like sculpture of cloud spins atop a shallow pool of water at one end of the room. Behind this is a door to a series of stairs and walkways that end with a circular platform ringed with columns. Past this are the Corridors, a vast area with two different paths to take. Continuing along the smooth walkway leads first to a large circular platform and then to a shiny railing that snakes into a tunnel of clouds. This rail gauntlet can be ridden through and around cloud and marble structures alike, until its end at Cloud Ridge. Cloud Ridge is a series of walkways and stairways that culminate in a long slope with a sharp drop at its end. This slope overlooks the Realm of Gods and dropping off its end leads to a landing back in the Corridors.

Back at the beginning of the Corridors, heading up a small flight of stairs leads to a collection of thin streams of water embedded in the sloping pathways. One of these streams leads to a waterfall. Following the waterfall to and then over its edge leads to a drop into the Secluded Forge, a grimy, fire-heated blacksmith's workshop. A silver anvil centers the room, with a series of boiling cauldrons hanging overhead. Spinning the ornate floor surrounding the anvil rotates the cauldrons, allowing them to be utilized for forging. At the end of the Secluded Forge is a rail gauntlet that can be used to get back to the Corridors.

The other stream of the Corridors' waterways ends in a boxy room with a shiny floor and aflame stands slotted into recesses lining the walls. Another stream can be followed out of this room to a path walled by clouds. Continuing on finds a circular platform lined with columns and then a walkway to another circular area that is flanked by a raised circular balcony. Upon first visit this area is filled with floating debris, which can be used to reach higher platforms. After Hades' defeat the debris is gone, replaced by a rail gauntlet for a smoother path upwards. The first platform above is a small temple sitting atop a tower of clouds. The second platform is a small curved walkway. The third and final platform is a giant arena called the Apex. The floor of the Apex is a grand golden mural that compliments the tall golden gates that encircle the area. This is the highest point in Olympus, and offers no travels further.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit | edit source]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy team up with Hercules.

The planets are aligning and Hades is planning his next bid for power when Sora, Donald, and Goofy land in Olympus, seeking to recover the power of waking that Sora lost after his Mark of Mastery exam.[2] The trio arrive on an unfamiliar mountain and decide the best course of action is to keep moving forward.[3] Soon they are discovered by Hades, who reveals his plan to take over the cosmos by releasing Titans both old and new. When Sora, Donald, and Goofy scoff at his plan, Hades summons the Titans, who exhibit their phenomenal powers and blow Sora, Donald, and Goofy off the mountain. As Hades congratulates the Titans on their work, Maleficent and Pete appear. Hades is less than pleased to see his old allies, but his intrigue is piqued when they ask him if he has seen a distinctive black box.[4]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy are left flying through the air, but luckily pass in the vicinity of Hercules, who makes a swift rescue.[5] Feet firmly back on the ground, Sora and company are welcomed by Hercules to the town of Thebes, which is currently plagued by fiery destruction. Hades is of course to blame, so Sora and Hercules waste no time in agreeing to team up to thwart the villain's plans once again. Sora, hoping to find clues to recovering the strength he has lost, first asks Hercules how he recovered his strength when he needed to save Meg in the Underworld. Hercules explains that he isn't sure where his strength came from, only that it returned when he needed it most. The conversation is interrupted by a swarm of Heartless, which the group makes short work of.[6]

Maleficent and Pete taunt Sora.

Meg and Phil arrive on Pegasus and are pleased to see both Hercules safe and Sora, Donald, and Goofy returned. Hercules sends Meg and Phil away to safety and then he, Sora, and company hear the calls of a young girl in distress. Hercules catapults Sora, Donald, and Goofy to the girl's location and they help get her to safety. Before they can set off to rescue others, Maleficent and Pete make an ominous appearance. Pete remarks that Sora seems weaker and Maleficent decides the trio are not worth her time, leaving Sora demoralized as they leave. Donald and Goofy are quick to bolster his confidence and the trio focuses back on their rescue mission goals.[7] They continue on and, after another scuffle with some Heartless, the trio encounters streets brimming with fire. Unsure how to proceed, it is Goofy who comes up with a solution when he realizes his shield is unaffected by flames. They all climb on top of the shield and use it as a sled,[8] which is how they continue their travels through Thebes, fighting Heartless and rescuing townsfolk.

Eventually they reach a temple on the outskirts of town and run inside to find Hercules holding the collapsing building up on his back, trying to protect a huddle of scared civilians.[9] Sora defeats the nearby swarm of Heartless and gets the people to safety, escaping from the building just before it crumbles completely. The group is relieved when Hercules strides safely out from the rubble, but their victory is short lived when a dark corridor opens in front of them and their old enemy Xigbar emerges. Xigbar mocks the group's insistence on rescuing others, telling them that their willingness to jump in harm's way only means someone else will have to rescue them. He cryptically tells Sora to find the hearts connected to his and that his reward will be around the corner. Xigbar leaves and Sora mulls over his words, until Donald, Goofy, and Hercules tell him to pay Xigbar no mind.[10]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy face off against the Titans.

The group continues until they reach the town center, where a giant Heartless is rampaging. Battle ensues and, upon the Heartless' defeat, Meg returns and congratulates the team, telling them she has flown overhead and seen there is no one left to rescue. She then draws everyone's attention to the mountain, which is encased in a swirling dark cloud. Knowing Hades is the source, the group makes its way to Mount Olympus and begin to climb to its summit.[11] The group discovers the water on the mountain is dangerously high and raging angrily, but through dispatching multiple groups of Water Cores, the rivers and waterfall return to their normal peaceful state. Halfway up, Hercules summons Pegasus to fly ahead and help his family, revealing his father to be the god Zeus, which shocks Sora, Donald, and Goofy.[12] The trio continue on foot until they reach a tall cliff and the mountain rumbles, revealing the presence of the Rock Titan, who accosts the group with large boulders as they continue their climb. They evade the attacks and clash with the Titan, defeating it and clearing their way.[13]

At the top of the mountain, the trio finds the stunning Realm of the Gods.[14] They battle their way to the realm's Apex, arriving to find Hades has used the Titans to trap Zeus and subdue the other gods. Hercules arrives and frees many of the gods before joining Sora, Donald, and Goofy in a fearsome battle against the Ice, Tornado, and Lava Titans.[15] The three Titans put up a hefty fight and things only seem to get worse when the Rock Titan joins in. Hoping to even the odds, Hercules quickly releases his father, who is able to fight back the Titans with his lightning. The Titans try to flee, but Hercules catches the Tornado Titan, uses it to sweep up the other Titans, then hurls all four of them into space. Hades, his plan foiled once again, explodes in anger, threatening to destroy Sora and his friends. Hercules, unimpressed, simply instructs Hades to leave. However, before he does, Hercules punches Hades in the face, punishment for the destruction of Thebes. The furious god returns to the Underworld.[16]

As they leave Mount Olympus, Sora asks Hercules if he's sure he wants to leave the Realm of the Gods behind. Hercules explains that he can see his family whenever he likes, but if he stayed he would be apart from the person he loves most and his life would be empty. Sora watches thoughtfully as Hercules is happily reunited with Meg, realizing that Hercules regained his strength because he fought with all his heart for someone he cared for. Hercules promises Sora that if he keeps his effort up, one day he will be stronger than ever.[17]

Meanwhile, back in Thebes, Pete is digging a hole in the ground while Maleficent stands by. Pete pulls a small box from the dirt and states that it must be the Pandora's Box that Hades told them about. Maleficent, disgruntled, tells Pete to leave it, as it is not the box she desires. She declares they are done with this world and they leave. All the while, high above on a nearby rooftop, Xigbar watches.[1]

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • The Fates (characters from the film Hercules) are mentioned in the cutscene "Hades' Ambitions".
  • Statues of Terra, Cloud, and Auron are shown in the cutscene "Hades' Ambitions".
  • A Moogle fronts the Moogle Shop in Thebes.
  • Carvings of the Muses (characters from the film Hercules) can be found on the walls around Thebes.
  • Various townspeople can be found across Thebes.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Heartless[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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