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First Appearance
[[]] (???)
Hercules (1997)
"Now, watch your old man work!"

Zeus is the king of the Gods in Olympus, and Hercules's father. He originates from the 1997 Disney animated film Hercules.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit | edit source]

Eighteen years ago, the Fates looked into the future and predicted Hades would succeed in taking over the cosmos and dethroning Zeus. Hoping to fulfill his fate, Hades has released the Titans and started his war against the Gods, raining destruction over all of Olympus.[1]

Later, at the top of Olympus' Realm of the Gods, Hades completes his conquest. The Ice Titan and Lava Titan have trapped Zeus in a rock prison and Hades sits back, pleased to finally be in charge. His victory is short-lived, however, as Hercules (atop Pegasus), Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive.[2] Although a valiant fight ensues, all three Titans remain standing. Things only get worse when the Rock Titan suddenly joins the battle. To assuage his doubts, Sora confidently reminds Goofy that there's four of them to take the four of the Titans, prompting Hercules to note that he can make it five. Hercules then jumps onto the rock cone imprisoning Zeus and breaks it apart, setting his father free. Zeus quickly gets to work, pelting the Titans with lightning bolts. The Titans attempt to flee, but Hercules captures the Tornado Titan and uses it to gather the other three Titans together. He flings the monsters far out into space, effectively destroying them. Hades fumes about his loss and prepares to attack Sora, Donald, and Goofy, before being interrupted by Hercules and told to leave. Hades threatens to attack Meg as he leaves, but Zeus hits him with a lightning bolt, shutting the lord of the Underworld up for hopefully a long time.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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