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Showdown with the Titans

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"Showdown with the Titans" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III. It shows Hades' conquest over the Realm of the Gods and the subsequent arrival of Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Hercules.

Story[edit | edit source]

At the top of Olympus' Realm of the Gods, Hades has completed his conquest. The Ice Titan and Lava Titan have trapped Zeus in a rock prison and Hades sits back, pleased to finally be in charge. His victory is short-lived, however, as Hercules (atop Pegasus), Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive. Hercules flies in and frees the rest of the gods Hades had in chains, then he joins Sora, Donald, and Goofy in facing the Titans in battle.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Fade in on a panning shot over the top of the Realm of the Gods. Hercules flies through the sky atop a neighing Pegasus, slashing his sword back and forth with grunts and "Hyah"s, clearing away the Air Soldier Heartless infesting the air and zooming up towards the Apex. Cut to inside the Apex. Hades stands on the ground, looking up at Zeus, who towers above him, entombed up to his chest in a cone of volcanic rock. Behind the cone the Lava and Ice Titan stand, blowing their hot and cold breathes respectively to form Zeus' prison.

Zeus: "I swear to you, Hades, when I get out of th—"

Close-up on Zeus' face as the lava swells and covers his head. Hades turns away to sit on a thorny throne that forms out of shadows behind him.

Hades: "No, I'm the one giving orders now, bolt boy."

Hercules: "Don't get too comfortable, Hades!"

Shocked, Hades looks up, then jumps forward in his seat, then looks over his shoulder with a confused "Huh?". Cut to Hercules and Pegasus soaring over the clouds, Hercules grunting as he stabs his sword forward.

Sora: "We're gonna stop you!"

With a "What?" Hades spins back around. Sora, Donald, and Goofy stand in front of the Apex gates, weapons drawn. Sora grunts as he looks up to watch Hercules and Pegasus fly over the Apex. Hercules gives another "Hyah!" and Pegasus zooms downward, towards where we now see Hermes, Apollo, and Athena standing bound in chains. Pegasus zips past the gods and Hercules slashes their chains with his sword. The chains glow gold and then fade away. The freed gods clench their fists in satisfaction. Close-up on Hades as he starts to groan and yell, his face contorted with anger. He throws his head back and yells again, his body and flame turning red with rage. He jabs a pointed finger at his foes.

Hades: "Get them!"

From the other side of the arena, the Ice, Lava, and Tornado Titans advance. They tower over Sora, Donald, and Goofy, who gasp and back away.

Hercules: "Sora, Donald, Goofy!"

The trio look up in surprise to see Pegasus hovering above them. With a grunt, Hercules jumps down from his back and lands hunched beside his friends. He straightens and the four of them slip into battle poses.

Hercules: "It's on!"

Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy: "Yeah!"

The screen fades to black.

Video[edit | edit source]

Showdown with the Titans

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