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Master Yen Sid

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"If you trust the guidance your heart gives, I know we will find all of the guardians of light."

Master Yen Sid is a retired Keyblade master in the Kingdom Hearts series. He trained King Mickey in using the Keyblade, and although he is retired, continues to help train and guide Sora and others.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit | edit source]

Having gathered Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy at The Mysterious Tower, Master Yen Sid reminds Sora that their task is to gather several allies in order to defeat Master Xehanort. He also reminds Sora that Xehanort stripped him of most of his power following his failure during the Mark of Mastery exam while trying to obtain the power of waking, and tasks Sora with going to visit Hercules in hopes of finding a way of regaining his strength [1].

After their adventures in Olympus, Sora, Donald, and Goofy return to The Mysterious Tower. Master Yen Sid is disappointed to find Sora has not learned the power of waking nor regained his strength, but seems hopeful as he remembers that Sora's greatest strength is that magic happens whenever he is in need. Their discussion is interrupted by the return of King Mickey and Riku from the Dark World, who also come bearing bad news—they weren't able to locate Aqua. All is not lost, however, as Riku recalls how Sora was lost to darkness during his exam, but Riku was able to save him. He explains that if they are able to find someone who is close with Aqua, that person might be able to travel into the abyss and find her. Mickey and Yen Sid ponder this option, but things seem grim as they realize that everyone Aqua was close with is gone. Suddenly, Sora exclaims that he will save Aqua, though when the group reacts with shock to this suggestion, Sora becomes confused and admits he is unsure why he offered. Still, the declaration was convincing, so Sora is told to continue on his search for the power of waking with the end goal of visiting the realm of darkness to save Aqua. While he does this, Mickey and Riku will travel elsewhere to see if they can find anyone else to help.

Before they depart, King Mickey reveals that both his and Riku's Keyblades are damaged. Yen Sid suggests they rendezvous with Kairi and Lea, who are training with Merlin, and then hands over two suitcases which he explains contain darkness-shielding outfits that he would like Mickey and Riku to deliver to the trainees. Sora is frustrated not to have a new outfit too, until Yen Sid summons another suitcase, this one filled with special clothing from Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, and a gift from Chip and Dale. Yen Sid finishes with one more departing gift for Sora: a Heartbinder. The group follows with one final bow to the old Keyblade Master and then they all depart, Yen Sid wishing them well with an old saying as they go.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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