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A Fresh Start

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"A Fresh Start" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III. It shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy reuniting with Riku and King Mickey at The Mysterious Tower.

Story[edit | edit source]

After their adventures in Olympus, Sora, Donald, and Goofy have returned to The Mysterious Tower. Master Yen Sid is disappointed to find that Sora has not learned the power of waking nor regained his strength, but seems hopeful as he remembers that Sora's greatest strength is that magic happens whenever he is in need.

Their discussion is interrupted by the return of King Mickey and Riku from the Dark World, who also come bearing bad news--they weren't able to locate Aqua. All is not lost, however, as Riku recalls how Sora was lost to darkness during his exam, but Riku was able to save him. He explains that if they are able to find someone who is close with Aqua, that person might be able to travel into the abyss and find her. Mickey and Yen Sid ponder this option, but things seem grim as they realize that everyone Aqua was close with is gone. Suddenly, Sora exclaims that he will save Aqua, though when the group reacts with shock to this suggestion, Sora becomes confused and admits he is unsure why he offered. Still, the declaration was convincing, so Sora is told to continue on his search for the power of waking with the end goal of visiting the realm of darkness to save Aqua. While he does this, Mickey and Riku will travel elsewhere to see if they can find anyone else to help.

Before they depart, King Mickey reveals that both his and Riku's Keyblades are damaged. Yen Sid suggests they rendezvous with Kairi and Lea, who are training with Merlin, and then hands over two suitcases which he explains contain darkness-shielding outfits that he would like Mickey and Riku to deliver to the trainees. Sora is frustrated not to have a new outfit too, until Yen Sid summons another suitcase, this one filled with special clothing from Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, and a gift from Chip and Dale. Sora is ecstatic and about to go, but Jiminy Cricket appears, exclaiming that they can't take a journey without him there to chronicle it. With the old team back together, Yen Sid gives Sora a departing gift: a Heartbinder.

The group follows with one final bow to the old Keyblade Master and then they all depart, Yen Sid wishing them well with an old saying as they go.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Fade in on a star-swirled sky. The Mysterious Tower logo plays out. The logo disappears behind the flash of a shooting star and then the camera pans down, revealing the Tower in person. Cut to a slowly zooming in look at one of the Tower's highest windows. The screen fades to black, then quickly back in on the interior of the Tower. Sora, Donald, and Goofy stand next to each other before a large desk. The camera pans over the desk to reveal Master Yen Sid, sitting in his high-backed chair on the other side.

Master Yen Sid: "I see... You could not regain your strength."

Sora: "Aw, no biggie. I still learned a lot."

Master Yen Sid: "Regardless, Sora, you will need the power of waking."

Sora groans and crosses his arms.

Goofy: "It can't be gone forever. Maybe something'll trigger it real soon."

Sora: "Like, what exactly?"

Donald Duck: "I know! How about a bonk on the head?"

Sora turns to Donald, his hands on his hips.

Sora: "Hey!"

Master Yen Sid: "Perhaps it could be something that is as simple as that."

Donald and Sora turn to Yen Sid.

Sora: "Wait, you think so too?"

Master Yen Sid: "Whenever you are in need, magic happens. That is your greatest strength, Sora."

Sora slumps.

Sora: "You make it sound like an accident."

Donald and Goofy laugh.

The music stops.

Behind Sora, Donald, and Goofy, a knocking comes from the door, eliciting a "Huh?" from Sora.

???: "We're back, Master!"

With a creak the door opens and King Mickey and Riku enter. With a small grunt, Riku closes the door behind them. Sora jabs a pointed finger at the new arrivals.

Sora: "Whoa!"

Donald squawks and Goofy gasps a "Woah!".

King Mickey: "Oh wow. You guys are all here!"

Sora: "We were here before, but you didn't wait."

Donald and Goofy shove past Sora excitedly, rushing to surround the King.

Donald Duck and Goofy: "Your Majesty!"

King Mickey: "Hey there, fellas. So, what've you three been up to?"

Sora, who had been knocked to the floor, gets back up and shakes his dizzy head. He rushes forward to join the fray, shoving a space between Donald and Goofy to be seen.

Sora: "We were visi-"

Goofy shoves Sora back, sending him sprawling. Goofy and Donald lean forward to fill the now empty space, ignoring Sora's tumble.

Donald Duck: "We went to Olympus to visit Hercules!"

Goofy: "And to figure out how to get all of Sora's lost powers back."

Donald steps forward to murmur to King Mickey, one hand shielding his mouth from view.

Donald Duck: " was a big disappointment."

Mickey offers a sympathetic "Oh".

King Mickey: "What a shame. But, honestly..."

Riku: "We didn't fare any better."

Goofy: "Did ya manage to figure out where Aqua is? 'Cause Master Yen Sid said that's why you fellas left."

Donald Duck: "Even a hint?"

Riku and Mickey exchange sad glances. Catching on, Donald and Goofy slump in disappointment. Behind them, Sora sits up.

Sora: "Come on. Can I finally say something?"

Riku: "We know Master Aqua made it as far as the beach that Sora and I once visited, but that's where her trail ends."

Sora, now on his feet, walks forward to join the group.

Sora: "Meaning...?"

King Mickey: "All traces of her vanish into the great abyss...beneath the realm of darkness."

Donald Duck: "She's gone?"

Riku: "No. Sora was dragged into the abyss during his exam. And I went in after him. So I think if we find someone who was really close to Aqua, and they make the dive, they could reach her down there."

Mickey shakes his head.

King Mickey: "I'm not sure who's even left to ask. Ventus is hidden...and Aqua's the only one who knows where. Plus, nobody's seen Terra in ages. Aqua was the last."

Riku: "So Aqua—she's gonna be the key to finding all three."

Yen Sid: "Yes. Their teacher, Master Eraqus, would have been another possibility, had Xehanort not mercilessly struck him down."

The conversation lulls as everyone ruminates in what seems like hopeless news. After a moment, Sora slowly raises his hand to his chest. He turns around to face Riku and Mickey, then moves his hand to clench determinedly in front of his face.

The music stops.

Sora: "I'll save her."

Donald and Goofy jump back with loud gasps of shock.

King Mickey and Riku: "Huh?"

Donald stomps his foot.

Donald Duck: "You can't!"

Goofy: "But Sora, that's gonna be super hard since you don't have the power of waking."

Sora starts, lowering his fist as if he had been unaware of holding it up. He rubs the back of his head.

Sora: "Huh? Sorry... I have no idea why that just popped out."

King Mickey: "Well, it was pretty convincing."

Riku: "Yeah, better not let us down."

Sora gives a hum of agreement.

Master Yen Sid: "Sora, you must focus on regaining your lost power of waking. Mickey and Riku, I recall that Master Aqua journeyed to many worlds, and connected with others who could be the link we need."

King Mickey: "Good plan, sir. Riku and I will retrace her steps and see if we can find any sort of clues, but first..."

The music stops.

Master Yen Sid: "Hmm?"

Mickey approaches Yen Sid's desk.

King Mickey: "We got hit pretty hard in the realm of darkness. My Keyblade was damaged, and the Heartless broke Riku's clean in half."

Riku walks to Mickey's side.

King Mickey: "So, we're gonna need to get replacements before we can continue."

Master Yen Sid: "In that case, rendezvous with Kairi and Lea. They are continuing their training under the tutelage of the wizard Merlin."

Riku and Mickey bow to Yen Sid.

King Mickey: "Yes, sir."

Yen Sid waves his hand across his desk. In puffs of smoke, one black and one red briefcase appear before him.

Master Yen Sid: "Also, I would like you to deliver these for me."

King Mickey: "Are they..."

Master Yen Sid: "Yes, they are the same as the ones I gave you. Special vestments to shield Kairi and Lea from the darkness."

Riku pulls the red case and Mickey the black from the table.

King Mickey: "We got 'em."

Sora throws his hands up, exasperated.

Sora: "What? No fair! What about my outfit, Master?"

Donald Duck: "Sora,"

Donald waggles a finger in Sora's face.

Donald Duck: "don't bug him like that. It's inconsiderate."

The music stops.

Master Yen Sid: "Settle down. I have new clothes for you, too, Sora."

Sora gasps "Yeah?" and laughs.

Master Yen Sid: "A gift from the good fairies."

Donald gives a curious "Huh?", looking happy at this news. Yen Sid waves his hand again and another black case appears on the desk. Sora jumps up in excitement.

Sora: "I knew you'd come through for me. Thanks!"

Sora rushes to the desk. Behind him Donald sighs, apparently disappointed. With a grunt of effort, Sora picks up the briefcase and clutches it to his chest.

Master Yen Sid: "Those are no ordinary garments, Sora. Like before, they have very special powers, so it took extra time to prepare them."

Sora turns the briefcase in different directions, laughing with excitement.

Master Yen Sid: "In addition, there is a gift from Chip and Dale inside."

Sora: "Cool. Okay!"

As Sora swings the case over his shoulder, Riku huffs fondly.

Riku: "Happy now?"

Sora: "Yup!"

Master Yen Sid: "Now, you are all ready to proceed."

Jiminy Cricket jumps into view, landing on the corner of Yen Sid's desk. Clutching his hat and umbrella, he runs across the desk.

Jiminy Cricket: "Hey, wait! Don't forget about me!"

Sora, Donald, and Goofy lean forward to take the new arrival in up close.

Sora, Donald and Goofy: "Jiminy!"

Jiminy Cricket: "Every journey worth goin' on needs a cricket to keep track of it."

Jiminy bows to the trio.

Jiminy Cricket: "And I can't let ya start this one without ol' Jiminy Cricket by your side."

Goofy: "The whole team's back!"

Sora: "Yeah."

Donald Duck: "Yeah!"

The music stops.

Master Yen Sid: "Good. Now, to mark the beginning of a new journey, I wish for you to have this, Sora."

Yen Sid waves his hand. With a puff of smoke, a large charm materializes in front of Sora. With a "Huh?", Sora catches the charm and examines it.

Sora: "Okay?"

Master Yen Sid: "That is a Heartbinder. Think of it as a good luck charm made just for you."

Sora gasps.

Master Yen Sid: "You have a gift, Sora, for connecting with others, and this makes that gift stronger."

Sora clutches the charm tight.

King Mickey: "It's time to go."

Mickey, Donald, Sora, Goofy, and Riku stomp their feet and straighten like soldiers, lined in front of Yen Sid's desk. In unison, they bow to the Master. Still bent, Sora lifts his head and hums curiously. On either side of him, Donald and Goofy lean forward, ears turned to Yen Sid expectantly. Master Yen Sid's eyes are closed. Cut to a close-up of his mouth as he whispers.

Master Yen Sid: "May your hearts be your guiding key."

The music stops.

Cut to Sora, Donald, and Goofy as they turn their backs on Yen Sid and form a huddle. Goofy covers his mouth with his hand and whispers.

Goofy: "See?"

Sora hums agreement. Donald shakes his head with a hearty "Uh-Huh!". The screen fades to black.

Video[edit | edit source]

A Fresh Start

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