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"Reunion" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III. It shows Riku being swallowed by a Heartless Demon Tower and his subsequent rescue by King Mickey.

Story[edit | edit source]

After dispatching one Demon Tower, King Mickey and Riku are overwhelmed as more Shadows and another Tower appears. They are quickly surrounded and Riku ends up being entirely consumed by the Demon Tower. Within the darkness of the shadowy enemy, a disembodied voice calls to Riku and asks why he's here. Riku responds that someone needs him and then asks who the voice is. As Riku fades into defeat against the encroaching darkness, the mysterious voice identifies itself.

Back on the Dark Margin, King Mickey has defeated more than half the Heartless. Sensing the tide turning against them, the Heartless vanish, spitting out Riku in their wake. Riku awakens, but the victory is bittersweet when he discovers his Keyblade, Way to the Dawn, has shattered in the fight. King Mickey notes they should have been more prepared, and suggests they return to The Mysterious Tower to regroup. Riku hesitates, wondering if Aqua is scared to be in the dark realm alone, but the King assures him that Aqua is as strong as Sora.

Before they take their leave, Riku sticks his shattered Keyblade into the sand of the Dark Margin, explaining it'd better serve the "other" him, much to Mickey's shock and confusion.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Fade in on the roiling Demon Tower wobbling back and forth before it explodes back into the numerous Shadows that made it up. Riku and King Mickey watch as Shadows rain from the sky, but any hope for victory is wiped away as a new wave of Shadows appears to encircle them.

King Mickey: "It's not over. Be careful!"

Another Demon Tower bursts up behind Riku. He is barely able to gasp before the Tower bears down, its eye aimed right for him.

Riku: "Oh no!"

Riku yelps as the Demon Tower crashes over him, swallowing him whole. Mickey is standing nearby, powerless to help.

King Mickey: "Riku!"

The Tower straightens back up, rocking back and forth menacingly. Mickey can only watch.

The music stops.

Cut to Riku, floating as if in liquid, everything around him pitch black. His eyes are squeezed shut and he is clutching at his throat, gasping for air. Each lost breath sends bubbles spiraling from his mouth. A barely legible voice echoes around him.

???: "Didn't expect to see you again."

Riku gasps and his eyes snap open. He looks side to side. Though his mouth does not move, Riku's words are as clear as if spoken.

Riku: "What...?"

???: "Why did you even come here?"

Riku: "Because somebody needs me."

???: "Do you want some help?"

Riku: "Who are you?"

???: "Me? I'm..."

Riku gasps and falls back, huge bubbles leaving his mouth, his last dregs of air. He spins into a horizontal float, limp. The screen fades to black. The sound of waves fade in.

???: "Riku... Wake up... Riku."

A heavy sigh can be heard as the screen fades in on a close-up of Riku's opening eyes. Cut to Riku's point of view, showing King Mickey hunched over him with a devastated expression. Suddenly the King gasps and breaks into a smile. Cut to show Riku lying on the beach of the Dark Margin, Mickey crouched at his side.

King Mickey: "Are you okay?"

Riku sits up. He groans and takes a moment to collect himself before looking up.

Riku: "Where'd the Heartless go?"

King Mickey: "I got more than half of 'em, and the rest vanished. But, they spit you out first."

Groaning and massaging his forehead, Riku gets to his feet.

Riku: "Thanks. I owe ya."

King Mickey: "I know ya feel invincible, but we're not."

Riku: "Are you all right, Mickey?"

King Mickey: "Yeah, thanks to the new gear. But...your Keyblade..."

Riku lifts his arm, noticing the Keyblade he holds for the first time.

Riku: "Oh."

The Way to the Dawn's blade has snapped, the tip now completely gone. Riku chuckles and Mickey hums sympathetically.

King Mickey: "The Heartless here are stronger than what we expected. I guess we probably should've powered up our Keyblades before we came in here, huh? I think we need to go back to Master Yen Sid's tower so we can regroup."

Riku looks down at his Keyblade.

Riku: "But Aqua's...still down here, alone."

He turns and walks off.

Riku: "Facing enemies like that."

King Mickey: "I know..."

Riku stops on the shore.

Riku: "What if she's feeling as scared and I felt the first time I came here? How long are we supposed to keep her waiting in this awful place?"

Mickey walks to Riku's side.

King Mickey: "But Aqua... She's like Sora."

Riku jumps back, shooting Mickey an aghast look.

Riku: "Whaaat?!"

King Mickey: "No no no... Strong like Sora!"

Riku sighs and relaxes.

Riku: "Okay... Good."

Riku turns to look at the water.

Riku: "Then I guess she's gonna be all right. Sora could fall into any darkness and swim his way out."

Mickey turns to face the water as well.

King Mickey: "Besides, we won't be long."

Riku nods, smiling.

Riku: "Right."

Riku takes a few steps forward, then impales his Keyblade in the ground, eliciting a "Huh?" from Mickey. Riku straightens up and steps back.

Riku: "Can't use this Keyblade anymore. Might as well leave it here... for the other me."

Mickey looks up at Riku, perplexed.

King Mickey: "Wha...?"

The broken Keyblade is shown from above. The screen fades to black.

Video[edit | edit source]


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